Man shot to death in Roxbury

Boston Police report a man was shot several times around 2 a.m. at 10 Trotter Ct. He was pronounced dead at the scene.



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It's definitely Boston

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I used to call it the South End (and it has an 02118 Zip code), then people kept telling me it was Roxbury because it's on that side of Mass. Ave. Probably a bit more important, though, is that yet another person is dead.

Let's be real now...

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Technically all of the South End is Roxbury...I know they don't want to face it, but it's the truth. And yes, you're correct - the important thing is that there's been a murder.

The area is the South End

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The dividing line is not Mass Ave anymore. Its Melnea Cass Blv. now.
Although you will see out of date references and links to BRA maps, etc. Therefore the zipcode of 02118 and the response of BPD district D4 correctly identifies the area as the South End. Perhaps the people you have been asking don't travel to Roxbury much and don't give a damn whether its Roxbury-Dorchester-or Mattapan? So far this year 5 homicides have occurred in Roxbury. The B-2 district lists 8 homicides but B-2 is assigned to Roxbury, Grove Hall and part of Upham's Corner. A lot of death but not as many as Universal Hub lists because of this problem.

In the past Jamaica Plain was part of Roxbury, too. Things change.


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Your response is thoughtful and insightful. I know that the BRA and BPD often conflict on the boundaries of Boston's neighborhoods. For example, the polish triangle is entirely within C-6, serviced by the South Boston police station. Thus, the BPD considers South Boston to extend to Columbia Rd. The BRA, however, considers South Boston to be bounded not by Columbia Rd, but by the SE expressway which cuts through the middle of the Polish triangle (Andrew Sq. area).

The significance in both this example and your example of the South End vs Roxbury quandary is that it has the potential to affect real estate prices, so coming to consensus is important. Then again, as you have mentioned, things change...

Zip codes can also be

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Zip codes can also be confusing. I have a Dorchester zip code even though I live in Roxbury much closer to JP than Dorchester an d on most maps seems like a centered area of Roxbury. Neighborhoods are divided in a lot of strange ways. I find it interesting that the first source I saw on this murder said South End, some say South End-Roxbury border and many simply report Roxbury. Not surprising though.

There may be one missing- May

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There may be one missing- May 31, homeless man found beaten to death in park in Charlestown.
I've never seen any follow-up on the story.

Trotter Court has had way too

Trotter Court has had way too many murders for such a small street. It's practically a driveway, although it does go through the projects. Not sure if it's Lenox/Camden or something else.