Man stabbed to death in Dorchester

Boston Police report a man was found fatally and repeatedly stabbed around 1:10 a.m. at 11 Charles St.

UPDATE: Boston Police identify the victim as Cherby LaJoie, 39.



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    Fields Corner Station

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    Isn't that the address to the station? Its like the wild west around that neighborhood. A Janitor at the school near by told me an old man was beaten badly for not giving up his seat at the station

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    cherby lajoe

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    i very glad he go killed sorry to say that but the bible says kill and u shall be killed he took some1 away some1 i was close to karma got him oh well now his family will feel the pain we felt.

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    What the hell? Everyone knows that Dorchester is for shootings. If you want to stab someone, go to Eastie where you belong.

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