Jackson Square explodes in gunfire

Jamie tweeted around 8:30 p.m.:

20+ shots fired by Jackson SQ: Heath, Terrace, Parker blocked off. Police dogs out.

Stanley Staco tweets that happened about 15 minutes earlier before a similar massive outpouring of lead a few blocks north on Terrace Street:

Gun Battle btw 2 Cars (over 20 shots Fired), folks runnin, 166 Terrace St, 1 Vict Shot & Down



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do the one about whole foods....

also can you use the president's name to make a pun that *almost* works?

Har har, we live in a city derrrrrr

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We already have jokes about hipsters and references to pearl-clutchers. Any more cavalier quips about this massive act of violence?

No laughing matter

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Anyone who has experienced hardcore violence like this knows it's no laughing matter. And if this has occurred ANYWHERE in Brookline, Newton or God forbid Harvard Sq, Newbury St, Beacon Hill, there would be horror and outrage. But it occurs on the other side of the tracks [near where I lived a kid], so people crack jokes and I do believe some think it's kinda 'cool'. It's not. People [most of them socioeconomically deprived...I'll use the accepted P.C. phrase] have just as much a right to safety in their neighborhoods as people in Brookline, Newton, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Weston, wherever.

you nailed it...

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...just for the wrong reasons.

Yes those well-to-do neighborhoods would be up in arms. You know why? Because they care about their communities. The vast majority of the people in those communities would to whatever it took to be sure it never happened again.

Unfortunately this is typically (read: not always) not the case in the high violence neighborhoods.
By and large, those communities tend to accept the violence as a way of life. Failure to cooperate with police, tendencies to show disdain for authority/law, and lack of community involvement following incidents like this only exacerbate the issue.

So, yes, we should be concerned about violence everywhere. But, I think the reality is that there will not be much sympathy shown until these communities decide to take some serious responsibility themselves.

nice fake sociological

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nice fake sociological analysis, bozo. just because you use declarative sentences doesn't mean the words you pull out of your butt have any value.

You don't live here, do you?

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I'm guessing you didn't see all the discussion on the various neighborhood listservs last night? You know, by all the people in the neighborhood who care about the community...


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I'm tired of these incidents being normalized by lack of media attention. It is absolutely true that the same incident in a different neighborhood would have a whole different narrative and spotlight in the media. Does anyone know if there have been any reports of this incident in the major news outlets? I can't find anything.

I hear you, but am not

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I hear you, but am not surprised. That's why I read Universal Hub for local news rather than relying on local media outlets.