Man shot in the head in Codman Square, dies

UPDATE: Boston Police report the victim, Alfonso Rivas, 23, was pronounced dead at Boston Medical Center.

Police are at 14 Lyndhurst St., where officers found a person shot in the head shortly after 11 a.m. The homicide unit has been summoned, just in case.




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Nothing on

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Nothing on bachelorette split up, though.

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Hizzoner's doing

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The mayor issued a warning to the media a few years back to reduce the coverage of violence in the city. The media has seemed to adhere for the most part,as most violent crime is reduced to the latter pages or isn't covered at all.

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I'll be on the look out for

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I'll be on the look out for this notice, too. Nothing like a little prior restraint to get you going in the mid-afternoon doldrums.

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You know how it is

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People getting shot in the head is bad for business, bad for real estate. What if some B.U. mom hears about it?

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How much $$ was spent on

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How much $$ was spent on those "Murder, it's not okay" billboards? I don't think they're working.

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