Manhunt in Arboretum after guy tries to hold up off-duty cop

Boston Police, state troopers and the State Police helicopter flooded the Arnold Arboretum tonight after somebody tried to hold up an off-duty cop around 9:00 p.m. at South and Bussey streets, Stanley Staco reports. After 45 minutes of intense searching, however, police called off the search without a suspect in custody.



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I have no problems

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I have no problems whatsoever with this use of resources. The apprehension of mugging parasites is exactly what I believe we should be spending the most treasure on, to capture and remove them from society.

There is a limit, but I'm not smart enough to know what it would be.

Do you think if

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It were you or I who had been robbed that anywhere near the same amount of resources would be expended?
I don't

wow, they're taking these muggings seriously!

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It was just last year that they couldn't seem to catch bad guys at one end of Boylston...even when they were at the other interviewing the baddie's last victim.

Now they're willing to call out the helicopters and dozens of officers?

But seriously: talk about a fucking double standard. If anyone besides a Boston cop had been mugged, they wouldn't have even bothered to show up for half an hour...and then they'd harass the victim into not filing a report with all sorts of bullshit about how they're never going to catch 'em anyway (because, in truth, Boston Police has a clearance rate of less than 30%.)

On my last visit to the arboretum

there were some unsavory characters comfortably hanging out in the Tusga canadensis 'Pendula' and they weren't talking dendrology. I wonder if the police thought to look there.

Needed: Details for the Arboretum

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If the Arboretum was required to post a 24 detail who sweeps around the park on a detail assigned bike then this might not have happened. I always feel much safer when around detail cops who are protecting construction sites against marauding pedestrians or rarely used sidestreet intersections against homicidal little old ladies.

Since the Arboretum is managed by Harvard and Harvard has plenty of money what is unreasonable about requiring Harvard to employ more off duty cops. It would add to the desirability of police work by adding yet another more opportunities for legal extortion, I mean, protection, I mean, providing certain special public servants with opportunities to earn extra income.



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CleanUpBPPA...whatever happened to them and their blog? Is BPPA really cleaned up, or have they simply put up the locked gates to their nasty newsletter, no longer printing it?


Parks Service not Harvard

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The Arboretum belongs to the park service when it comes to this time of thing. They are the ones responsible for all security in there not Harvard.

I used to work there - I know this.

there were some unsavory

there were some unsavory characters comfortably hanging out in the Tusga canadensis 'Pendula' and they weren't talking dendrology. I wonder if the police thought to look there.

You want unsavory characters? Try the Blue Hills. There's all sorts of wildlife going on just off the trails.

Crabby posts

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My experience with individuals whom haunt and love to flame the blogs and forums in the USA about police resources and behaviour ---- have almost always had negative experiences with the coppers in their pasts. Often these 'negative experiences' are dramatically subjective.

Most of these folks are either wounded or professional whiners or victims. Some have not had personal dealings with the cops, but you better believe either their: lovers, partners, children, or family of origin have had an occurrence with the police.

The intersection of South and Bussey is not far from Rozzie and the nearby residences. Folks do walk dogs and jog in this area, for I have witnessed them. Maybe some posters need to open their eyes rather than sharkmeat typing fingers!

The arboretum

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I saw this incident go down. Some kid slammed in the car door with his foot.

Generally, the arboretum is safe at all times. A security guard would be overkill.