Shooting at Orient Heights T stop

Rob McDougall reports somebody was shot in the arm shortly before 7 p.m. The suspect was described as a black Hispanic male who fled in an older Civic last spotted headed toward Revere.

Andy Dost reports cops were in no mood to explain what was going on to bystanders:

Armed police have set up a tape perimeter at the Orient Heights stop. An officer told me when I asked, "Escaped zombies."



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Is it the feeling of

Is it the feeling of entitlement, being uncontrollably nosey, or the old "I pay your salary" that makes people feel it's OK to butt in on a crime scene. Me personally, I like to let people do their jobs and I'll just look for it on Uhub.

I would bet

That if this happened at the station you use everyday, you'd want to know what was going on. There is nothing wrong with simply asking what happened at a crime scene at a public transit station that you and your family may use daily. Regardless of what x amount of other people asked, this guy asked a simple question and even a stock "I can't provide any information" statement would have been more acceptable than a snarky response like that.

I would rather let them do

I would rather let them do their job and get the station open/buses rolling ASAP and wait for the damned news story. It's better than being a hindrance to the whole process a complaining about how long it to for them to get back to normal. These things aren't kept secret, this is strictly about people's egos.

A simple question of concern,

A simple question of concern, my god this is our neighborhood we do have the right to know. Our elected officials don't care. If this happened on the other side of the tunnel the law would be all over it. I want our neighborhood to be safe, for our children, women, elderly for everyone. We shouldn't have to live like animals. We all want the same for our families to be safe, don't accept this behavior from our law enforcement or city hall, Lets take Eastie back before it becomes a war zone.