Guy picked the wrong person to try to piggyback into a T station

MBTA Transit Police report arresting a man they say tried to piggyback a plainclothes cop into Park Street around 11 this morning.

As the officer was stepping through the fare gates he observed a male, later identified as Michael Cammisaro, 57 of Waltham, MA. attempting to "piggyback" in behind him without paying his fare. The officer stopped and inquired what Cammisaro was trying to do, Cammisaro responded by shouting "MOVE, MOVE MOVE !". Then Cammisaro proceeded to physically assault the officer by shoving him with both hands and attempt to force him through the fare gates. The officer and Cammisaro struggled, the officer was able to gain control of Cammisaro and cease the assault.

He now faces a charge of assault and battery.

Innocent, etc.



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Dumb arse

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Honesty, was that worth the two bucks you were trying to save?

Wonder how many open warrants this guy has that he now gets to face...


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Glad at least one piggy-backer gets his comeuppance.

other guy

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No comment on the guy who basically walked over them struggling and went on his way?


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I'm pretty sure if you attempt to assist a cop making an arrest he will probably assist your face into his boot.

57 years old

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A 57 year old piggybacking. What a moron.

That was great! Too much of

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That was great! Too much of this happening on a daily basis. I will not let me people do that to me Pay your own way