Fights end with stabbings on Beacon Hill and in Downtown Crossing

Boston Police report three men were stabbed in two altercations early Sunday.

Police say around 1:30 a.m., two men were stabbed following a fight with a larger group of men at 74 Beacon St. One victim, 24, was stabbed in the shoulder; the other, 25, in the back. Both are expected to survive, police say:

The victims stated they got into a dispute with several suspects. The suspects are described as 4 Hispanic males in their twenties wearing fitted baseball caps accompanied by 1 well-dressed female.

Also sometime early Sunday, a man, 34, was stabbed several times in the chest and groin at Tremont and Winter streets, police say:

The victim stated he was stabbed during an argument with an unknown Hispanic male suspect. Suspect fled after the incident.



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The two men are ok. Once is

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The two men are ok. Once is at home and the other one is expected to leave later in the day.

Coworker knows them.

What's up with google maps?

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The 74 Beacon St link and street view doesn't show 74 Beacon St. It shows a side street nearby.


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Appears as though Boston's strict anti-gun laws are working just as intended.


Sure are

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2 victims with non life threatning injuries!



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Furthermore, these stabbings disprove the existence of aliens since the victims weren't also abducted.