Man robbed at gunpoint on Mission Hill

Police are looking for two men who stuck up somebody at Pontiac and Hillside streets around 5 p.m., making off with his phone.



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How is that neighborhood

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How is that neighborhood these days anyway? Are instances like this somewhat isolated events? 10-15 years ago the area was kinda dicey, but I don't hear much in the way of violent crime happening anymore. My buddy lived pretty much at that same intersection from '99-'02 and had some dude pull him into a side alley of Pontiac, put a knife to his throat, and demand all of his money. This happened at around 3 P.M. so, it was a rather brazen thing to do.

I've lived in Mission Hill

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I've lived in Mission Hill almost two years now, been hanging around the area for almost 5 years. I've never considered it to be a dangerous area compared to any other part of the city, other than the more suburban neighborhoods. I'd say this is an isolated sort of thing and shouldn't be taken to characterize the neighborhood in any way. I haven't been around long enough to know what it was like 10-15 years ago, but from what I understand the neighborhood has gone through a lot of change for the better.

Wow, after consulting Google

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Wow, after consulting Google Street View, it seems that the old quarry on Pontiac has been filled in with residences. Holy crap! That area was kinda cool, a little desolate, but cool. The neighborhood looks all gussied up!

In the neighborhood

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Had a friend whom lived here for 5+ years about 10 years back. He grew up in 'the hood' and is quite street savy -- yet, he refused to allow his daughter walk any of the streets in the area at anytime of day because of thugs and gang-bangers. He protested when his sisters would visit and walk to the corner stores or markets, they'd generally ignore him, except after dark.

The neighborhood has quieted down. Yet, any punk or desperado looking for quick money for a fix or whatever would still rob you, in my opinion -- as they would in most anywhere in the state -- not mind the city. Fiendin' junkies and sociopaths think clearly. Yeah, right ----


Damm usually this area is fine for the most part...i live at hillside and st. alphonsus streets. thats literally one street over. way to close!!

We need a few of those in

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We need a few of those in Wellesley and Weston, just so all those progressive armchair sociologists demand 24/7 SWAT team patrols.