Police: Woman pepper-sprayed, punched in the face in Charlestown robbery

Boston Police report a woman walking home from the Community College Orange Line stop Saturday night was attacked and her purse stolen.

Police say the woman, 28, had just left the T stop around 10:25 p.m. when a man approached her on Austin Street and pepper-sprayed her in the eyes:

The victim told police the suspect punched her approximately three or four times in the face knocking her down to the ground. The suspect took her pocketbook. The victim reported the suspect got into a grey minivan (unknown registration) and fled up School Street toward Main Street.

The suspect is described as white, about 6' tall with a medium build and wearing a black jacket.

The victim was treated at the scene.



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    Or, maybe, people who mace, face punch, and rob others don't bother much with details such as "one way" signs.

    I'm pretty certain they are

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    I'm pretty certain they are referring to W School St, the road that runs behind the (former) Foodmaster. It runs both ways, including towards Main St.

    Because the plebs can't be trusted

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    with 'weapons' to defend themselves. They might start getting too uppity. That's what highly paid and often ineffectual police are for.

    The lowly masses must be constantly checked and kept in their place. WE DO NOT WANT THEM TO BE TOO SELF-RELIANT, then they may decide they no longer need our 'services'.

    --The Government