Two shot, one dead in Roxbury

UPDATE: The second victim also died.

Boston Police report two men were shot around 2:45 p.m. at Batchelder and Longmeadow streets and that one of them - shot in the head - died. The other is at Boston Medical Center with life threatening injuries.



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I can't even imagine where such stats are kept.

This is what the FBI has:

I'm also curious about your own gun experience. The Hello Kitty posts have been gone for a long while, and now you're putting them up again. So clearly you have some serious issue with guns. Do you feel as passionate about other violent crimes involving such items as knives, baseball bats, golf clubs and even the most ridiculous I can remember, hand grenades?

Every gun owner I know is someone who really just shoots targets for sport, and some collect antique guns. They all have jobs, which they've held for a long time, families, and aren't interested in putting holes in people.

I mostly agree, but...

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Obviously there are a lot of gun owners (perhaps not legal) that are interested in putting holes in people. Evidence is this crime log.

This seems rather pointless though

Hello Kitty poster just posts with tidbits on standing against illegal guns. It's not enough to just talk about these problems. In my experience, people who sit around and try to talk out problems don't have a good track record of actually advancing on said topics in a productive manner.

So fine, many of us don't want illegal guns on the streets (there are those who definitely do want them and don't care), and I'm sick of jumping through hoops like a dolphin just to carry a gun to the shooting range.

Instead of coming on Uhub and posting "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" links, and the sort, why isn't Hello Kitty Poster actually out there doing something? Why is Hello Kitty Poster also only targeting guns? Why not go after manufacturers of bullets, or mining companies of metals used in guns? If Hello Kitty Poster even worked on organizing a gun buyback program I'd be willing to donate time to the cause.

I'm an NRA member, have shot guns my whole life, and also don't like their illegal use.

I've asked the same questions

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You won't get an answer. There is usually too much magical thinking involved for a real discussion. They think making it harder for citizens that respect the law to own firearms will suddenly make criminals respect the law. They fail to take into account that there are tens of millions of guns in this country already that aren't going away. They think that a pistol grip or a barrel shroud make a rifle more dangerous.

MA has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, but yet the problem remains. Perhaps we need to rethink what the problem is. It's just like the war on drugs. We keep putting people in jail and trashing the fourth amendment, but the drug supply and demand doesn't diminish. We've tried the "just one more law" approach. Maybe it's time to try something different.

Guns Not Always Worse

There was a former student at the Perkins School for the Blind who stabbed and killed a teacher there. In this case, a gun instead of knife in the hand of a blind person is probably less lethal.