Post-concert melee shuts Kenmore station, leaves several injured

EMTs check out a couple of the wounded. Photo copyright Brian D'Amico.Firefighters check out the Kenmore wounded. Photo copyright Brian D'Amico.

A concert by 2 Chainz at the House of Blues was quickly followed by a station-closing brawl on the Green Line platform at Kenmore station.

Mike Moura reports at least three people were injured before MBTA Transit Police gained control of the platform, EMTs removed the wounded and the station was reopened around 10:45. The T reports the three were taken to Mass. General with minor injuries.

Riptor reports:

Big fight at Kenmore inbound platform, tons of screaming, everyone giving a wide berth.

Upstairs, a woman was hit in the head with a heel outside the Fenway Park ticket office. Tim Caputo at WHDH reports:

Not bleeding. Didn't appear hurt. Looked out of breath.

A man may have been knocked unconscious elsewhere on Brookline Avenue.

Even before the show ended, police shut Lansdowne Street to traffic - although they allowed three black SUVs to come down the street the wrong way to pick up the performer and his entourage.



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Green Line Blues

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First a crash
Second a racial fight at Fenway
Third a crazy lady takes over a train at knifepoint
Fourth a riot in Kenmore where they loose the station
you can't make this stuff up

I assume that "racial fight"

I assume that "racial fight" is referring to the incident at Fenway station earlier this week where an MBTA employee was assaulted by someone that also used racial slurs.

On the other hand, as the photographer at the above story, having seen the crowd leaving the HoB, these kids were absolutely a minority in that crowd, but I have no clue if race had anything to do with the fight (I may have ran from Lansdowne to Kenmore Station, but I was nowhere near fast enough to see the actual fight).


The cops all look like they could be these guys' dads.

Yo pt. 2

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Who, me? Nope, city born and raised.