South Boston deli held up at gunpoint

The Globe reports the D Street Deli, 165 D St., was held up tonight by three guys who then crashed their car outside the Andrew T stop - into which two of them fled, taking the Red Line south to JFK, where they exited, took off their outer garments and ran away.



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Yes, Bring back Whitey

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No delis will get robbed, but we can go back to killing people and burying their bodies under Tenean Beach. Good times.

I don't know about you, but I

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I don't know about you, but I would prefer a few armed gangsters who mind their own business and shoot each other every now and then than thousands of armed 15 year old hood rats who would gladly shoot you for an iphone.

For the record...

By on's called a deli, but is really more of a convenience store, run by some very nice people, feel bad for them, glad no one was hurt, and that they arrested one person and that police apparently recovered the stolen goods. The robbers are obviously familiar with the place -- everyone knows that place closes at 9 every night, they went in when the place I'm sure was empty...


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Two of the suspects were armed with pistols, while the third had a sawed off shotgun...Just a bit of info...