Orange Line fight ends with battlers, train taken out of service

Outbound service on the Orange Line came to a halt around 4 this afternoon when a fight broke out on a train pulling into Ruggles. Suzi Mac tweets:

That was interesting. Witnessed a big fight at Ruggles on orange line. Busted the window of the subway car.

The train was taken out of service - after police pulled off any brawlers they could find.



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Sob story guy finally got

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Sob story guy finally got lippy with a Universal Hub poster? Could this be the first Christmas miracle of the season?

i wish he did know better,

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i wish he did know better, but unfortunately i've seen him on the orange line as recently as two weeks ago


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The T cops lost the battle at Kenmore last week
It sounds like they won round two at Ruggles
Anyone want to guess where round three will be fought and when?