Teens sought for attack on disabled teen at Downtown Crossing T stop

MBTA Transit Police are looking for five teens for attacking a disabled 16-year-old outside the CharlieCard store at Downtown Crossing around 4:20 p.m. today. If caught, they'll be facing charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon - a shod foot.

The victim declined medical attention and was escorted to his Orange Line train. According to police, he got off an Ashmont train and was heading to the Orange Line when he was set upon.

All five suspects are black, between 16 and 19. Four are male; one female. The main attacker was described as 5'5" and about 140 lbs, wearing a gray Hollister California sweatshirt; the female as wearing a purple parka and green pants. Police searched the area for the group without success.



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Bully Beatdown

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Nothing like getting stomped the day after xmas to remind us that the punks rule the underworld

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At least they weren't swinging their socks around filled with their lumps of coal.

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Didn't a similar thing happen

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Didn't a similar thing happen a few months ago where a couple of punks (also several guys and 1 female)beat up a mentally ill man at downtown crossing? the MBTA should re-evaluate the security and cameras at that station.

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