Bystanders don't just stand by when man starts beating woman on parkway median in West Roxbury

Joe Donahue reports an incident around 1:30 p.m. on the VFW Parkway at Corey Street:

Woman runs from male companion in car, he chases, assaults her on median. Other motorists detain him [for police].



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    Thanks to all those that

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    Thanks to all those that stopped and helped this woman! You did a great deed.


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    wow! wonderful!

    Wrong link?

    Your link goes to a Google map of the intersection, not to Joe Donahue's report.

    Great job, but why did my first instinct

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    Why did my first instinct think that the next paragraph of the story would report the courageous bystanders were then shot by the gun-wielding thug?? Thank gosh, for once, real good happened!