Suburbanites charged with selling heroin in Roslindale

Roslindale Patch reports men from Waltham and Needham were arrested on Jan. 4 at Washington and Rosecliff streets on heroin-distribution charges. They were caught by officers from the E-5 drug-control unit, who have apparently had their eye on the intersection for awhile.



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    Usually, the suburbanites are buying their drugs in the city, then, they go home, read the news about crime in the city, and behave as though they aren't a part of the problem.

    Where did they get the H?

    They are obviously part of a much larger distribution network. These two are small fry.

    Heroin distribution is generally controlled in the Boston metro area by Dominicans and lesser extent Puerto Ricans, but they do use non-Latinos to distribute. And the Dominican and P.R.s aren't the source either, they in turn are part of an even larger distribution network. Heroin and cocaine distribution is ultimately controlled by Colombian and Mexican gangs. And of course the $ is laundered by 'respectable' financial institutions who when caught red handed receive a fine and slap on the wrist. When was the last the time any executive at a major bank or financial institution was criminally prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned for their role in laundering drug $?