Woman robbed at gunpoint on Boylston Street

Boston Police are looking for a man who held a woman up at gunpoint around 3:40 p.m. on Boylston Street at Clarendon. The victim then walked into the Kate Spade store, 117 Newbury St., to seek help. The suspect is described as a black male, about 5'6" and heavyset, clean shaven, wearing a tan waist-length coat, a beige beanie, yellow-tinted sunglasses and blue jeans. He was last seen headed outbound on Boylston.



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Maybe, maybe not

If you were going to take the risk of robbing, wouldn't it make sense to go where the rich people are?

where the rich live??

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Oh, you mean the wealthy suburbs chock full of McMansions and over-sized luxury mini-vans? Please do note that Boylston isn't exactly Rodeo Drive... unless you consider Marshall's and Panera ritzy! Check it out sometime. You might encounter people of all different shapes, sizes, ages, colors, income levels, ethnicities and (gasp!) not everyone who walks down Boylston lives in the Back Bay or Boston or Massachusetts or the U.S. for that matter. Blaming the victim and stereotyping is just plain sad.

A guy robbed a girl right in

A guy robbed a girl right in the big circle at Marketplace Center (Faneuil Hall where the Christmas tree was) in broad daylight today. Absolutely bizarre scene. The guy must have been a track star too. He bolted like no other.

re: woman robbed

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I walked past that corner around 4pm. It was pretty busy.

I'm glad the Globe has done

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I'm glad the Globe has done such a thorough and prompt job of reporting on this--all sarcasm aside, it baffles me that an incident like this, in the middle of a prime public spot of the city, has somehow escape their scope of coverage.

Black on White Crime

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becomes racist when reported by a White individual. The Globe/ Herald are trying to avoid a suit from the ACLU and others.

Thinly Veiled Racism

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This has to be one of the most thinly veiled racist statements I've seen in a while.

No matter how much you try to hide you sir are still racist.

Its called

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Sarcasm, lighten-up! Also how do you know that anon was a male, you sexist pig!

Why did the woman go all the

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Why did the woman go all the way to Kate Spade instead of seeking help in the immediate vicinity (Wendy's, CVS, Finagle)?

Trying to get the Junior League to come to her rescue?

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Maybe the woman ran to the Kate Spade store because that's where the Junior League of Boston is located (they rent out the bottom two floors to Kate Spade). Perhaps she thought the women of the Junior League would run to her aid in their Tory Burch flats and smack the assailant down with their Coach handbags.

But, alas, the Junior League's offices are closed on the weekends so they would have been no help.

Familiar/safe space?

If it were me, and I were within a few minutes walk of a store where I knew some of the employees, I might opt to go there over someplace where I don't know anyone.