Police: Suburban man goes berserk at Ruggles, attacks three women

A Walpole man is scheduled for arraignment on charges he allegedly beat three women waiting for a bus at Ruggles on Saturday.

According to MBTA Transit Police, Francis Cocuzzo, 40, went up to a woman waiting for a 28 bus around 6 p.m. and shoved her with his forearm:

The 2nd female victim intervened and told Cocuzzo to stop his behavior. Cocuzzo responded by grabbing the 2nd female victim by her jacket, restraining her against the bus and punching her repeatedly about the body. Cocuzzo then ripped a necklace the victim was wearing off her neck and placed it into his pocket. A third female victim attempted to stop Cocuzzo from his violent assault however he kicked her in the thigh area.

Police say that Cocuzzo then spit at responding officers and resisted being handcuffed. He was charged with assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (shod foot) and unarmed robbery. EMTs examined the women at the scene; none required hospitalization.

Innocent, etc.



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Ah, but not Boston urbanites

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I know Bostonians commit crimes in the suburbs - we've exchanged pleasantries over that topic before - but gee, just doesn't seem sporting to blame us for the actions of some Brocktonians.

You gotta admit

It's a pretty funny/sad story. I was wondering if it would make the UHub page, even if it was out in the burbs.

Much of Brockton is no

Much of Brockton is no different than Hyde Park or Mattapan. So what is 'urban.' Brockton isn't exactly Needham or Dover.


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Druggie. Maybe it's me, but the problem seems to be getting worse. Definitely more homeless people around of all ages.



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Lighten up, Francis.

Where did he grow up?

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If its the same Frank Cocuzzo I grew up with, he is from Roslindale originally. I think down by Healy Field - Sacred Heart area for sure. Last I saw him he was living in West Roxbury a couple of years ago.


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Those who know him knows he has issues. has a good heart and was trying to do the right thing... Apparently he screwed up bad and has to face the consequences.
Here's hoping first off those women are ok and secondly Frank gets his sh*t together.


To clarify

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... Trying to do the right thing in life... I wasn't referring to this situation - sorry if that wasn't obvious

Sounds similar to

"turning his life around" or other phrases used to try to lesson the sting of "somebody who has been messed up for a long time really messed up this time".



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To "rosiedudewhoreadsUHandknowsfrank" and anyone else who knows Frank: Can you please give me a call ASAP at 617-516-5810. I work for Frank's attorney. Thank you , Chris



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watch the video and comment on the mbta video because your comment is apparently screwed up like the lies in the police report.
lol tho