Man has iPhone snatched out of hands at T stop, runs after thief, who gets caught

MBTA Transit Police report an Orange Line rider engrossed in a game on his iPhone 4 failed to notice the guy who was about to snatch it out of his hands as the train pulled into Tufts Medical Center around 12:20 p.m.

However, police say:

The victim gave chase, following Isiah Cooper out onto Washington Street. The victim was yelling for passersby to stop Cooper. Several security guards from Tufts Medical Center happened to be posted in front of the hospital and were able to stop and detain Cooper til arrival of Transit Police.

Cooper, 25, of Jamaica Plain, was charged with unarmed robbery. The victim's iPhone was recovered, police add.

Innocent, etc.



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Orange Line extreme games

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Carrying your cell phone on the Orange Line and flashing it is more dangerous than bungee jumping or cliff diving.

I have been riding the Orange

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I have been riding the Orange Line all my life. Literally everybody is sitting there on their phones now. I remember a time when people read books or newspapers to pass the time or even, God forbid, conversed with each other.

It's a mugger's market. Glad one was caught but people need to stop displaying their wares so openly.

woah woah woah

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conversation? what is this, california?


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I have a cheesy smartphone. I like it,think it's useful and fun. And I had for years a windows smartphone where I routinely watched youtube videos, even live streaming webcams and audio, when 90% of people were raving about their nokia or pink razr dumb phones. That said, It's fascinating and disturbing to see how engrossed [obsessed] especially young people are with their droids and iphones. I was watching one young woman on the train yesterday who for a full 16 minutes didn't once look up from her phone, her head deeply bowed the entire time while she scrolled....and scrolled...and scrolled. In fact, the majority of people on the train were playing with their phones, many almost as engrossed as this young woman. And the kicker? It had a GIGANTIC screen and florescent pink skin.