Open season on BU students again

Police are investigating three separate robberies of BU students overnight, one involving a big-nosed white guy with a gun.

BU Today reports a female BU student and two companions were held up at gunpoint around 12:15 a.m. at St. Paul and Thatcher streets in Brookline by two white men, one of them about 6'2" in a white hoodie and a black jacket, who held a gun and had a prominent proboscis. The other guy is about 6', thick, wearing a black jacket with a scarf over his face.

A BU student had his phone taken about 11:30 p.m. in the alley next to the Packards Corner Shaw after a brief beatdown by a white guy in a North Face jacket and a muscular Asian guy. The final incident was around 1:25 a.m. at 275 Babcock St., where a student sitting on the steps was approached by a black guy and a black woman, who pushed her to the ground and rifled through her purse.

Last fall, BU students were robbed in several incidents along the Brookline/Boston line. Three teenagers were charged.



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White guy with a big nose? A

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White guy with a big nose? A 6' tall 'thick' guy?

A beatdown in an allyway by the Shaws after midnight? One the dudes was a 'muscular' Asian?

A person sitting out on the stoop at 1:25AM, on a very cold winter night, gets 'pushed' by a black male/female couple, and they go through her sh*t?

Okie dokie.

Let's be serious

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The tone of the article says that you don't really take the crime seriously when you list a "big-nosed white guy with a gun". No police report would ever describe a suspect as such. And for the victim, I think being approached by anyone with a gun is no laughing matter.

Sorry, no offense meant

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That's just a particular physical characteristic that struck me when reading the BU Today report, which specifically says:

Boston University Police Captain Robert Molloy says the suspects, who took a tote bag containing an iPhone and keys, are two white males. One is about 6'2", with a large nose, and was wearing a white hoodie and a black jacket. He displayed a black handgun.

If they owned

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A gun I'm sure thing would have ended differently. But legal gun ownership is bad. Liberals.

Right on!

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Your absolutely right; things might have ended differently if the victim(s) had guns and used them. Someone might have been seriously injured or killed, and not necessarily the protagonist(s). And there are other numerous possibly outcomes.

In most cases when both parties have guns someone is going to get shot which in my opinion is worse that someone being robbed and roughed up (which in no way makes up for the violation of being robbed and treating like chattel).

Gun ownership and gun control are not simple issues to be resolved overnight and simply calling people Conservatives or Liberals, as if these labels are curse words, isn't going to prevent more shootings like the one in Connecticut.

We as a country and as individual states and communities need to be realistic about this. I don't have any solutions, but there are other countries in the world with higher gun ownership rates that don't have the same rate of violent crime as the US. Maybe we can learn and adopt ideas from other places instead of cursing each other out and wanting to reach for our firearm to solve our problems.

Simply banning guns won't solve the problem; if it were that simple then we should ban driving as more people die in car accidents each year.

Depends on the problem that needs to be solved

If I'm on a stoop, and somebody pulls a gun on me, I expect and demand that society will not restrict my right to a) own a firearm, b) carry a firearm, and c) blow the guy's frickin' head off as soon as he walks away after robbing me, unless he has the foresight to actually kill me first before robbing me.

If you disagree with me on this, you are on the side of criminals and terrorists and I've lost all human sympathy for you.

>If you disagree with me on

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>If you disagree with me on this, you are on the side of criminals and terrorists and I've lost all human sympathy for you.

How so?

Again, guns exist

There will never be any such thing as zero guns. Let's get that common sense maxim through our thick skulls before the debate on guns commences.