Woman shot in the head, man arrested

Boston Police report a woman suffered life-threatening injuries when shot around 10:15 a.m. today at 6 Arbutus St. in Dorchester. Brian D'Amico reports she was shot in the head.

Jeremy Harrison, 28, was arrested on charges of unlawful possession of a firearm and failure to properly secure a firearm with a minor present, police say, adding he could face additional charges.

Innocent, etc.



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Don't tell Deval, next he'll

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Don't tell Deval, next he'll want it illegal to be illegally in posession of a firearm, since the first law didn't work so well.


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Dame legal gun nuts

The Power of Prayer

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This story should get interesting. The shooter is the son of a powerful reverend and close associate of the mayor. Whenever something goes wrong with the police and the community Reverend Shaun is trotted out to appease the media.
In exchange he receives grants for youth programs and gets to put his allies and kids on the payroll.
This poor woman gets shot in the head with an illegal gun and the media is being fed a sob story about a gun cleaning accident?

Jeremy Harrison

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For those that say that this story shows that gun control is not working. If you are in Massachusetts (where the laws are stricter than elsewhere) and you want a gun you only have to go to Georgia, Alabama, Virginia and you can get all the guns you want. Until there is a serious federal law creating restrictions on all states then it means something. In regards to The guy working the streets. If he is guilty here, I want to know. Who looked over his resume? Was he the best applicant for the Job? Who were his references? What was his experience? Who hired him? Who interviewed him? If this is his character why would the Reverend and wife allow a child in that house? Did they know he was living his life like this? Should we not have higher expectations for our Community Religious Reverends to live a Higher life as examples to the rest of the people. Did they promote Family Values? Who really is shocked or surprised with this news article? I’m not. The problem is nobody is surprised anymore. Will we get any answers. Will there be a city counselor review where the Mayor and counselors wil be subject to a verbal interrogation on how this happened. Let’s hope there will be. I will wait in hope!

This is a story

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This is a story of a man who is paid by Massachusetts to prompt at risk kids to think before the pick up a gun! Unfortunately the story goes sour when that man shoots his girlfriend "Accidentally" in the head while cleaning his unregistered gun. Now his father a Reverend, in an effort to save his sons life will lie on a bible. Then the Mayor will help squash it because of his friendship with reverend and not wanting to make this government program look bad. Then of course it wont count as a murder in the city this year. The sad thing in this same weekend 3 kids in Lawrence robbed a store and held the clerk hostage while they were dragging her around the store with a gun in her face. Also on the state payroll.