Little good ever happens at the intersection of Brighton and Harvard after 2 a.m.

The Daily Free Press reports a man was arrested on charges he stomped another man into unconsciousness around 2:30 a.m. on Feb. 8, starting at 161 Brighton Ave. and continuing across the street:

The victim was unconscious and bleeding from the head when an officer first approached him. The victim later began bleeding more profusely and vomiting as the ambulance arrived to take him to Brigham and Women’s Hospital.



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    All joking aside

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    vomiting under such circumstances can be a sign of bleeding in the brain.


    That'll teach him

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    That'll teach him to move my space saver!

    harvard and brighton aves

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    ive seen full scale wars break out at this intersection. ten years ago (and longer) everyone went to the riley's roast beef after the bars. they closed off the main portion of the place so all you could do was squeeze into a small open corrider to place your order and wait for it. not a good mixture of booze, hunger, and testosterone. the fights usually spilled off the corner and into the inetersection. fists flying all around and the occasional skull cracked with a beer bottle. nobody ever shot or stabbed anyone though, nobody was ever killed. i hear its scary down there now. glad my drinking days are over.


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    The monthly police report usually begins with a comment to the effect of "D-14 is one of the easiest places to serve in the city."

    I think you are overreacting.

    really matthew?

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    my friends who live there tell me there have been three murders in that area in the last few years? lots of people getting mugged too. just because bpd says its easy doesnt mean much to me. when i was younger there were fights quite often, never any murders. meet me on pratt st some night around 2am and we can see how safe it is.


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    Main danger you face on Pratt is stepping in a pool of vomit or seeing a rat.

    BU kids are obnoxious but not thugs.

    3 murders in a few years... All murders are terrible -- but put it in context; there's been hundreds of murders around the city those same years. More people were killed by cars in Allston than murdered.

    The biggest crime problem in Allston currently is break-ins and burglary.