Manhunt in Back Bay for guy who tried to hit trooper in car, then kept trying to break into places

Stopped car, at Beacon and Gloucester. Photo by Fred Somers.Stopped car, at Beacon and Gloucester. Photo by Fred Somers.

State and Boston Police have flooded the area along Massachusetts Avenue between Beacon Street and Commonwealth Avenue, searching for a short, stocky Hispanic man in a beanie who they say tried to ram a state trooper at a traffic stop, got boxed in, then ran away. Police responded to break-in reports not long after at different locations, including 479 Beacon St. and 363 Marlborough St. and to reports of a man running through alleys in the area.

Around 10:20 p.m., police set up a perimeter at the Back Bay MBTA station, in case he tried to flee on the T.

Police unleashed the hounds. Photo by J. Goodell.Police released the hounds. Photo by J. Goodell.



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