Man stabbed in Chinatown early this morning

Boston Police report a man walking along Lincoln Street around 1:45 a.m. was set upon by a group of men, who stabbed him and then jumped into two cars.

Police say the man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, but that he is expected to survive.

A short while later, police say, officers stopped a car matching one of the victim's descriptions:

With the car stopped, officers observed four occupants inside the vehicle. While pat frisking the occupants of the vehicle for weapons, officers discovered that one of the occupants was in possession of a knife. A closer inspection of the knife showed what appeared to be a blood like substance on the blade.

Officers arrested Angel Ruiz, 24, of Boston and charged him with Assault with Intent to Murder and Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (knife).

Innocent, etc.



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A lot of stabbings lately no

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A lot of stabbings lately no comments from the gun control advocates on the stabbings. I haven't seen a picture of a knife with a hello kitty picture on it. I'm still waiting....

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Right, and this guy survived

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Right, and this guy survived what would have surely been a fatal attack had a gun been involved instead.

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Like the guy who got shot on

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Like the guy who got shot on stoughton st. this weekend were every gun control lunatic lit up the comment board. Yeah he survived and hopefully this guy does too. It just sounds like there is way too much drinking going on and violence happens as a result. let's go ban alcohol too?

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Gang initiation?

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This sounds like a gang initiation. Same MO with a fellow in JP a few years ago. Gangs initiate new members by having them perform an act of violence. There as to be established members who can vouch for the initiates performance.

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