Brighton pharmacy held up at gunpoint by tall blond guy

Sutherland Pharmacy, 1690 Commonwealth Ave., was held up around 1:15 p.m. by a tall blond man in a mask and a shotgun, who made off with drugs. He was described as lanky, with gray eyes and a full beard and wearing a blue jacket or hoodie and dark gloves.

The pharmacy was held up by a tall white guy seeking drugs almost a year ago, as well.



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More Patrols in Brighton

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This is steps from my apartment. Although I feel safe (3 murders in .5 mile radius not withstanding) maybe this will get a few more patrols in the area.

I also live steps away from

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I also live steps away from this area. Generally feel safe but more patrols would not hurt. A little freaked after hearing about this today, though.

The Party Patrols

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could probably stop. Gunpoint robberies are more important than underage drinking.

Not the cops fault

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18 is legal age to be off on your own. If you aren't ready for that, then no police patrol is going to save you from yourself.


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Yeah, block and a half away from me. Still, there are cop cars up and down Comm Ave all the time; not sure adding more would make much of a difference. I've also discovered that there are quite a few undercover officers in the neighborhood. This place's real security issue is the lack of a front window. I'd think that would make it a very tempting target for those intent on evil doings...

This is the only time its

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This is the only time its p.c. to headline a story based on his ethnicity/race/coloring