Woman sought as spitty fare evader

Spitter sought

Transit Police report this woman is wanted for spitting at a T bus driver who dared ask her to pay her fare at Ashmont station.

Police say she landed a loogie right on the driver's face as she left the bus around 3:20 p.m. on Saturday.

If you know her, you can contact Transit Police at 617-222-1050 or by texting 873873.



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Classy Lady

Do any of these bus driver assaults ever get solved? Give me a badge, some cuffs, and some mace; I'll ride the buses all day in plain clothes. And I'll do it for a quarter of the pay the officers get.


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$50k a year to sip coffee still isn't bad!

Let's face it, bus drivers

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Let's face it, bus drivers deal with the bottom of the barrel. When I'm on the bus, I try to say "hi", "good night" , etc. Some of them are indifferent, some are surprised to hear someone actually speaking to them like a human being.

About 99% of them get solved.

Now that the cameras are in. Before these cameras you had about a 25% chance for something like this to get solved.

And there is probably a .02 percent chance that you will catch someone comitting a crime if you ride a bus in plain clothes. So that would be a waste of resources no matter how much you get paid.


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Your saying we can go with less officers and more cameras? Shit this is a great idea, think about all the money we could save!

Whats your take on details? You know when they assign 3 cops to watch a group of guy "WORK" on a dead-end street?

You could go with less officers and more cameras.

In many places.

I've never seen a 3 person detail on a deadend street, so I couldn't comment on that (It never happens). I'll get back to you with an example of union negotiations where the Cities will offer detail raises in lieu of regular raises, health care benefits, overtime stipends for grants and pensionalbe overtime, time off, comp time etc.

Or are you talking about the recent MBTA shooting where two detail officers made the arrest on scene?

Mid rise where Beach and Washington meet have had 3 cop details

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Where Beach ends at Washington, where a multi story building is rising, I have seen 3 and 4 cops standing around doing a whole lot of nothing.

Details are legalized graft. They compromise the ethics of any cop who accepts them because the system teaches cops that some kinds of graft are okay. The difference is based in whether you're in front or behind bars.

The Fire Department practices a similar policy which is closer to actual extortion. There are unnecessary, redundant "inspection" details which I've seen listed on building permits as details. If the inspection is not done then the building may not open. That makes these details extortion.

If details are used as substitute for raises, etc. then that policy could save the city as a whole a lot of money. Create detail opportunities for all city employees. Set up a system of detail commissions. That could encourage city employees to search for opportunities to earn detail pay.

Why stop at details? Why not set up a system of bribery? If graft and extortion can be legitimated then bribery can be added to the repertoire of ways that the city saves money.

Inspections != Extortion

I worked too long down in "old" Kendall Square. At one gig, the back half of the building was being renovated, and work was held up waiting for the fire inspection. Which found that the sprinklers above the first floor were NOT WORKING.

I was thankful that the fire inspectors came right up front and checked all of us on the 2nd and third floors; we had pressure in the front half, so we could keep working.

At another gig, I was there for the sprinklers going off when an EGA card on a test frame burst into flame. Personally, I really like staying alive; I don't believe that's extortion.

Those aren't detail cops

Beech/Wash have special officers assigned (already on salary paid by taxpayers) because of the call volume in that area.

Jealous much?


You don't live here, but know all about the three cops who do nothing at a housing construction project that aren't even detail cops.

No wonder cops get paid so much here, having to deal with the likes of you.

pete nice

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sounds like pete is a guy that knows whats going on within the city regarding police activity. how does this make him a douche? i enjoy his insiders information.

why do you read this blog if you no longer live here? you seem to have the biggest out of state douche attitude i've ever seen. we're happy dont live here too.

Oh yea.

These photos go on the Boston Regional Intelligence Center and with days the ones with photos end up with an ID or arrest (especially the clear photos like the T has).

Back in the day these cases would get buried and then closed with no further leads)

I'm betting two reasons

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1. people who spit in the faces of bus drivers probably have anger and self control issues that lead them to be "known to authorities"

2. their issues also lead to actions of the sort that would encourage people who have to deal with them regularly to drop a dime when the photos hit the news.

In other words, their photo matches something BPD has on file already, or they've been sufficiently abusive to those around them that somebody will tell the cops where to find them.

Actually Swirrly.....

women love ratting on each other!

This stuff always goes on Mass Most wanted and someone catches on. Usually a relative of a cop.

Actually Swirrly.....

women love ratting on each other!

This stuff always goes on Mass Most wanted and someone catches on. Usually a relative of a cop.

What's with spitting?

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I've been BS with people many times in my life, I've never desired to spit at them. Punch them,yes, spit, no.

Rage against bus drivers

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Bus drivers are taking a beating in Boston neighborhoods, is the rage directed at them a warning sign of a larger problem in the future?

Spit guards?

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Should T buses be outfitted with some sort of plexiglass spit guards? Since this particular type of assault seems very commonplace, could some sort of barrier be put in place?

I dunno, I guess bus riders are either too stupid to realize they are on camera, or they don't give a shit. It seems to be little protection to the guy/gal driving who gets spat upon, or punched in the face.


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Do bus drivers have any type of personal protection to deter these kinds of assaults? To steal an idea from a previous poster, what about mace for the drivers?

Yeah I hear you

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but I'm not sure I would hold it against a driver for macing someone who spit in their face. I believe that spitting in someone's face is technically battery, so would they not be legally justified in defending themselves? Or, they could just punch the assailant's lights out. But, (in this particular case) beating down what looks to be a teenager/young woman on a T bus would probably be poo-poohed by riders and passerby.


Once again, Mace in an enclosed space is a bad idea. Chances are good that it would affect the driver and other passengers as well. I would damned well hold it against a driver if they sprayed someone else and sent me to the ED.

mbta unruly passenger ejection button?

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a button the driver pushes makes the floor drop out from beneath spitter/hitter/pisser/whacker and they find themselves tumbling down blue hill/brighton/huntington/dorchester ave. but then i guess the emt guys have to deal with them. SPITGUARDS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!