Two stabbed in fight in the middle of Columbia Road; one near death

A fight outside 180 Columbia Rd. ended around 10:45 p.m. with two men stabbed, one with injuries severe enough to have the homicide unit called in.



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People don't kill people Knives kill people

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Knives have become a huge problem in the United States with about 2,000 related homicides a year! The think that really irks me about that is, that unlike gun there are no regulations on knives. No backround checks, no safety courses and no licenses required. Just go right into a Wall-mart and you don't have to wait even a minute for a felony check. These Knives are getting into the hands of gang members and some seriously dangerous people. I just think it is time that mayor Menino ways in on this epidemic. I had a dream that on the Mass Pike one day they would put up a sign one city block long showing all the poor innocent young childrens faces that die at the hands of these horrible instruments of death. I am active in my community and would love nothing more than to shed some more light on how dangerous they are. I can't count how many people in my little neighborhood of East Boston have been stabbed over the last decade. It is very scary that there is nobody giving warnings to our children about the dangers of sharp objects like knives. It is only a matter of time before socially aware people like Deval Patrick and Barack Obama address this publicly.


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meanwhile there were 32,163 gun related deaths in 2011.

Dittoheads live in a world of black and white, but the rest of us realize that while you can't prevent every crime or reduce risk to zero, you can do something, especially when you're doing nothing.

Gun Education, proper license and registration, and better safety measures are small, prudent steps we can take.

Fact checker-Wow out of the

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Fact checker-Wow out of the less than 9,000 murders in 2011 you are telling me that 350% of them were by guns. I am starting to believe that 75% of statistics are made up on the spot, Yup!

The previous post...

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mentions gun-related deaths which can mean accidents as well as murder. Also, I think your number for murders in 9,000 is not correct. You might want to check your facts, Anon.

Fact Checker needs facts.

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If you check the FBI for 2011 - There were 12664 murders. Of that 8583 were firearms. (67%). And 1694 were knives. (13%) AND THAT'S A FACT!

enough is enough

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I Heard somebody was stabbed to death in Everett early yesterday morning. Then tonight a stabbing in Revere and 3 in Dorchester. When will this nonsense stop?

Can't recall many...

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Drive by stabbings, caught in the crossfire stabbing victims, innocent bystander stabbings, or it came though the window into a home incidents.

Ah, but knives can be more deadly

A number of years ago two blind people associated with the Perkins School fought, with one dying from stab wounds. Here, a gun fight would be preferable, since there were no bystanders.

I guess according to these

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I guess according to these posts if you get stabbed or stabbed to death you can't be innocent. So these 5 people stabbed in Dorchester and Revere last night and the one guy who was stabbed to death in Everett are guilty of something?