Axe robbers on the loose along the Roxbury/South End line

Stanley Staco reports police responded to 1820 Washington St. around 8:30 p.m. on a report somebody was held up by a guy wielding an axe.

Police are looking for two black men, both 18-20, one in a black suede coat, the other in a black North Face jacket. Police say they got away with a phone, a bank card and four bags of marijuana.



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    Oh THAT kind of "axe robber"

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    Was worried for a second that the young men in my neighborhood were going to stop smelling like Midnight Vice or Galactic Backseat.

    Did the victim really report

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    Did the victim really report he (or she) had four bags of marijuana stolen? Furthermore, was the victim then arrested for intent to distribute, since you know... no one needs four bags?

    It sounded that way

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    A responding officer read off the stolen items over the radio. Not sure how he would have known if the victim didn't tell him.