East Boston jewelry store robbed at gunpoint; clerk pistol whipped when he resists being handcuffed

Boston Police report Pericola's, 11 Bennington St., was held up by two men with guns and plastic handcuffs around 2:30 p.m. yesterday:

On arrival, officers spoke with victim, who stated two males wearing all dark clothing and black masks, walk into his place of business. The victim stated he thought they were friends playing a prank on him until they displayed a firearm. The suspects took the victim into the back room where they attempted to handcuff him with flex cuffs. The victim stated he resisted and the suspects pistol whipped him and began smashing the glass countertops. The suspects were able to take an unknown amount of men's and women's jewelry.

The victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment, police say.



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East Boston has officially

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East Boston has officially become a Dorchester, Lynn, Brockton and Lawrence, thanks Mayor Menino for all the criminals and all the low income housing that's spruced up around Maverick keep it all far from Hyde park.

That's not racist. I'm from

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That's not racist. I'm from Brockton. I live in Eastie and my family is from Dorchester. Someone's way too damn sensitive It's the truth. Mayor Menino was a corrupt mayor. Look into it.