Man robs Jamaica Plain bank, doesn't get far, but knocks down kid

A man raced out of the Mt. Washington Bank branch, 515 Centre St. with a bag of money around 2:15 p.m., just as the neighboring Curley School was getting out for the day. The man knocked one of the students down in his rush to get away, dropped the money bag, was nabbed by a couple of officers around the corner on Spring Park Avenue. Some of the money in the bag flew out, but police say good Samaritans collected it and turned it in. The student, meanwhile, was taken to a local hospital by his grandmother.



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What a dumass. There's a

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What a dumass. There's a crossing guard stationed right there. There are also cops there all the time. I thought criminals do reconnaisance. I hope the student is OK.

This story is false, the

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This story is false, the robber was tackled by a civilian and held down until police arrived. They shouldn't be taking the credit for this.

Yeah, that's what I heard

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Yeah, that's what I heard too. The crossing guard told me that she collected the money and that the grandparent of the kid who got hurt did the tackling.



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The person who tackled the robber was NOT there to pick up a child. That person is childless. These newspapers need better fact checkers, and people are making it worse by spreading false gossip.