Mother pushing stroller stabbed off Savin Hill Ave.

Somebody was stabbed shortly after 4 p.m. on Midland Street, then collapsed at Savin Hill Avenue and Sidney Street, down the block from the T stop. A mini-van wanted in connection with the investigation was stopped about 10 minutes later at Linden and Freeport streets.

UPDATE: The Herald reports the victim was a mother pushing a stroller.



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Do we have a gang or drug war

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Do we have a gang or drug war brewing up or is the warm weather getting all the tough guys out and about?

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Pretty sure it's a domestic

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Pretty sure it's a domestic dispute. The woman knew who stabbed her.

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Savin Hill Community meetings

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Pity the poor cops at the next community meeting they will have to debate the three senatorial candidates and the twenty mayoral candidates on crime in the city

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Crime is the pretty much the lowest it has been in 4 decades. Not sure how much more the police can do.

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We live in an age of Instant

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We live in an age of Instant 24/7 news and information. Before the internet and cellphones, when people had to rely on only tv/radio news broadcasts [few times a day for tv], and daily newspapers, MANY 'incidents' were not reported on or at best only briefly, often inaccurately.

Homicides are way down compared to the 1970s,80s, and into the 90s. Bear in mind many victims today live due to better trauma treatment and medical care. There are still plenty of assaults going on, MANY go unreported. Aside from murders, I'd be wary of many police statistics. They can be easily fudged. Not just here, but everywhere.

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