Police: Child runs into side of moving car, child's family then attacks driver and her child

Boston Police report arresting a gun-wielding man they say was part of an entire family that went berserk after a girl darted into traffic and into the side of a car Saturday morning.

Police say a woman was driving down Schuyler Street around 11:30 a.m.:

Officers learned from the operator that she was driving on Schuyler Street with her two daughters when the female child ran out from between two parked vehicles, and into the side of her vehicle. Witnesses on scene stated that the driver of the motor vehicle was not speeding, and also observed the child running out into the street. The operator told officers the child’s family and friends became enraged and starting punching her car windows, and attempted to rip the side mirror off. Officers observed the damage to the mirror. The female operator stated, a male suspect stood next to her driver’s side window, lifted his t-shirt up to reveal what she believed to be a firearm in his waistband, and threatened to cause her harm. She described the firearm as black in color. A second male suspect then opened the passenger side door and grabbed one of the operator daughters and ripped her out of the car. The female reported the suspects heard sirens responding to the scene they fled into a house.

Police say the woman pointed to Aaron Thames, standing on the porch of 34 Schuyler St. as the man who'd threatened her with a gun:

Officers in the living room of the above address observed, next to a brown couch the butt of a black firearm in plain view on the floor. The firearm was photographed and seized as evidence. The location was frozen pending a search warrant.

Thames, 22, of Brighton, was charged with assault and battery, assault by means of a dangerous weapon and destruction of personal property.

Innocent, etc.



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Now, now

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They're always saying that an armed society is a polite society. Perhaps if this man didn't have a gun to wildly wave around, he would have taken out his displeasure in a more uncouth manner.


Maybe it's best

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to see if the child needs medical attention and call an ambulance instead of starting to attack the driver.

What? And miss that wonderful

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What? And miss that wonderful chance to intimidate another person and show off your alpha-male persona? Looking tough is far more important than actually attempting to protect or help your kin.

Darwin by Proxy

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These clearly aren't parents of the year to start with.

If only Aaron Thames had had

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If only Aaron Thames had had a car filled with a family of his own, this horrible scene never would have happened.

Wait, do I have that backward? I can never keep my insane "the wild west circa 1850 was a well-mannered and polite society" equivalencies straight. Should that read "if only the victim had had a small child of her own to send darting out into traffic, this never would have happened?"


The behavior of the rest of

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The behavior of the rest of the family makes it clear they were looking to inflict harm by any means available.

pedestrian + car = beating

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i played little league across the street from some projects in the 70s and these beatdowns were not uncommon. i remember on more than one occasion a driver hitting a child and people coming out of the woodwork to get a piece of the driver. i saw a few guys take really serious beatings. when i was older, and driving, i was always afraid to drive down this street. with the park/courts/playground across the street there were always unattended young children darting back and forth. i went a few blocks around to avoid any mishaps.

i also was playing little league one night when a gang fight broke out (black against white, the 70s). a friends older sister's boyfriend was shot in the face with a shotgun. he lived but was blind after the incident. i was about 8 years old.

growing up in boston in the 70s was interesting to say the least.



Amazing on google street view how different the even and odd sides of the street look on Schuyler Street. Anyone have any insight into why that is so?

Update: Mr. Thames was not unknown to police

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In fact, he was formally charged with unlawful possession of a firearm as a third offense, among other things, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Thames was convicted of gun charges in Roxbury in 2008, serving 18 months, and again in Suffolk Superior Court in 2010, serving two years. Prosecutors today asked for $75,000 cash bail, revocation on two open cases charging larceny and carrying a dangerous weapon, and an order to stay away from the victim and her two children; Judge David Weingarten imposed $15,000 bail and allowed the motions.

Wait a second...

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This is the third time he was caught with an illegal gun and they're only asking for $15,000 bail? How about we do something about thug control before we start talking about gun control?

A second male suspect then

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A second male suspect then opened the passenger side door and grabbed one of the operator daughters and ripped her out of the car.

What kind of a parent rips another parent's innocent kid out of a vehicle? Jesus.