Man in car shot in Dorchester, in bad shape

A man sitting in a car with Tennessee plates at Draper and Westville streets was shot around 10:10 p.m.

Police were looking for two suspects, both black men, one short in a red hoodie, one tall in a green sweater.



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I can't wait to see what summer brings.

Guns, girls trying to burning down skating rinks, dirt bike/ATV gangs tearing through town, families dragging daughters out of cars, Skittles bags filled with drugs left on buses, and the warmer weather hasn't even hit yet.


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Not to worry too much, the area is beginning to gentrify with lot's of folks who can't afford to live in Boston Proper, JP, Neponset, Savin Hill, it's only a matter of time before these thugs are priced out of town :)

Won't happen

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Pretty much everything with reasonably easy access to the T has already been more or less gentrified. Also, those thugs are section 8 tenants, meaning they won't be priced out until the government goes bankrupt, or some politician finally comes to their senses and stops destroying our cities using our tax dollars.


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Rest assurred that there are large swaths of Dorchester immediately ajdacent to the Red Line that have not been gentrified. Fields Corner, for example, although certainly nicer than it was in the 80-90s, and quickly becoming home to a robust Vietnamese community, is certainly far from "gentrified." If you count the Fairmount Line, there are vast expanses of the City immediatley proximate to public transportation that remain good opportunities. For example Uphams Corner. If JP can turn from what it was in 1989 to what it is today, any neighborhood can undergo transformation.

where are drugs comimg from?

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All the talk about section 8 and these communities alike. these drugs and guns are distributed by the affluent. I suggest we start from the top in respectively if we're considering or think the shows who are interested in problem solving. After all this is big business.

Have to disagree

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Have to disagree with you on both parts. Like Roslindale said above me, the Red Line south of Savin Hill is still much cheaper and much scarier than any place on the Orange Line. That's changing, but the line hasn't moved all that far southwest of Southie in the last five years.

I also suspect you're not arguing in good faith here, but what the hell: what would you suggest that politicians do to stop "destroying our cities using our own tax dollars?" If you stop giving housing benefits to poor people, they become homeless people, and they become more prone to committing crimes, and in turn become more expensive for the city to handle. Cut off their SNAP benefits, and they starve to death. Housing benefits and food assistance are actually some of the best ROI you get. So, uh, what're you driving at here, anon?

You realize that by pricing

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You realize that by pricing out these "thugs" you're also displacing hard working people and their families, as well as businesses that make up a whole community with a TON of awesome qualities. The goal should be to preserve all of these qualities, not destroy them so we can put another JP Licks up. The amount of money people spend to live in these gentrified neighborhoods, eat their "genuine ethic cuisine" and commute into the city to avoid the Bad(Black)Neighborhoods blows my mind. There's crime everywhere in Boston, and while it is heavier in certain areas, putting money and resources into the CURRENT communities there seems like a much more effective action plan then simply kicking out the people you're so afraid of. If you can summon the courage, try going to one of Roxbury's Open Artist Studios, or getting groceries at Brother's Market on Dudley Street - check out the country's second oldest cemetery, which is BEAUTIFUL right now and basically across the street - and maybe talk to a few of the people. There's way more to lose by pushing people out than there is to gain by getting rid of some of the crime.


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Putting money and resources into CURRENT communities will accomplish absolutely nothing as long as there's the "no snitchin" code in place and thugs that terrorize the said communities are allowed to roam the streets. True, there's quite a few hard-working people there, but there's also no shortage of thugs who turn those communities into the bad part of town everyone tries to avoid. Also, the "there's crime everywhere" line is absolute PC BS - where would you rather be alone after dark with your fancy iphone and $300 beats headphones, Hanover St or Intervale St?

I'm still waiting for a sweep

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I'm still waiting for a sweep like we had in the 90s. The police know who these people are, know the neighborhoods well enough to summon 10 police cars and SWAT for a minor disturbance in some places.

I'm the biggest snitch I know, but I'm glad I've never witnessed a murder and been faced with putting my own family's literal life on the line.

the fact that you would go

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the fact that you would go ANYwhere alone after dark flashing an iphone, or paying $300 for headphones that you're using to just STROLL AROUND with only illustrates the point. Too many people associate "safe" with the familiar sights of white faces and PinkBerry storefronts, and it all stems from the fact that they care so much about their precious things. The world is not yours to go painting it as you personally see fit, and you and your belongings are not the center of everyone's attention. shocking, i know. Minding your own business and refraining from toting around expensive electronics/jewelry/wads of cash in the city after dark will do WONDERS for anyone's personal safety. and again, the POINT is not to make it safe for a certain group of people. its to make it safe for EVERYONE, and if you DON'T put efforts into making things over there better for simply the sake of making it better, than yes, there WILL always be thugs that TeRrORiZe the neighborhood. Thank God it hasn't been gentrified yet; one of the biggest perks of living here is not having to deal with massive amounts of overprivileged ignorance.

but nice Baltimore circa 04' reference.

So, wanting to be able to go

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So, wanting to be able to go for an evening walk without running a high possibility of getting violently parted with my material possessions makes me overprivileged? Hmmmm...

You're right. You should also

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You're right. You should also be able to eat your morning bagel slathered with butter and full fat cream cheese every day without the risk of high cholesterol or a heart attack. but why stop there? let's stop tying up our food at night when we camp in the woods, leave the sunscreen at home when we go to the beach, and start chain smoking lucky strikes. i mean YOLO right?

Well, at least we know what the suspects look like.

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"Please tell us if you've seen two black men who aren't the same height wearing clothes in the area. xoxo, the police."

I can't recall a police description being that ridiculous before. How can that possibly be helpful? Seems like it could probably do a hell of a lot more harm than good.

How soon we forget

There have been a number of bank holdups in which the suspect has been described only as a white male wearing a Sox/Pats cap, t-shirt and blue jeans.