Early morning hostage situation shuts Allston side street

Stanley Staco reports three people barricaded themselves and some victims inside a residence at Arden and Hooker streets shortly before 4 a.m. A hostage negotiator secured the release of some victims not long after; the last of the suspects was taken away around 5:50 a.m. More to come, no doubt.



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    Yeah, these days. I don't

    Yeah, these days. I don't remember too many hostage situations when I lived there, and I don't remember house fires every week.


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    was there more to come? Live a couple streets away and haven't read/heard anything!

    More info?

    So...any further details? There's been nothing via any other source, as far as I can tell.

    Police report

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    An officer stated that it was a botched home invasion/armed robbery. They were after some kind of contraband. They stuck around too long and the police showed up. Now they have two in custody.

    Crime on Hooker and Holman Street

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    This incident was "hush hush" except if you were one of the neighbors. With all due respect to law enforcement doing a fine job. To the brain that is just trying to get a good nights sleep what is the difference at three oclock between police doing their job and loud insomniac neighbors. You can bet this story will be immediately buried, that's if it even surfaces. There is a bigger story immersed here and it is all about real estate and location, location, location.

    Real estate?

    Real estate? "Location, location, location"? What on earth are you talking about?

    There's a long article on boston.com here. So much for hush hush.

    More info

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    Actually it happened on Holman St, at the intersection of Hooker. I believe it was 5 Holman. I have photos of the big black truck and rescue team raiding the house.

    The truth it was 3 Holman Street

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    The early morning hostage situation occurred at 3 Holman Street. I could suppose that the Swat team were located where they were located had something to do with getting a better bead on the perpetrators had that sort of escalation been necessary.