Person shot on Fairmount Avenue in Hyde Park

Around 6 p.m. yesterday outside 78 Fairmount Ave.. No details yet on his or her condition.



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Wrong spot

Oh, no, that's next to where the beautiful gray cat snoozes in the window.

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so that's why I couldn't get thru. was it one of the many barber shops on the st or at the new Fairmount grill

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Other side

The address Adam lists is across the street, on the north side. That is between what is now the pet-supply shop and Rep. Angelo Scaccia's office (no longer Rob Consalvo's as he set up his campaign HQ next to Bean & Cream).

This is opposite one of the many tonsorial parlors and catercorner from the Fairmount Grille west of the restaurant/bar.

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It was across from fire

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It was across from fire station at the barbershop I know him personally close friend

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