Police: Woman throws bleach in man's face during robbery on a T bus

Bleach womenSought.

Transit Police report they are looking for a woman packing bleach and two accomplices for an attack on a 28 bus early Sunday.

According to police, a man sitting on the bus in Grove Hall resisted getting robbed by the three women, around 2 a.m.:

A substance believed to be bleach, was doused in the victim's face during the assault and subsequent robbery. The victim was assisted by others in flushing his eyes after the assault.

When found, the women will face charges of unarmed robbery, mayhem and assault and battery. If they look familiar, contact Transit Police at 617-222-1050 or via an anonymous text tip to 873873.



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Seriously! How is kicking

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Seriously! How is kicking someone "assault with a deadly weapon" (a shod foot), but throwing bleach in someone's face while trying to rob them is "unarmed".

Depends on the sequence of events

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If the bleach was used after the robbery and not used in the commission of the robbery that may impact it. Mayhem is also a charge that means you attempted to disfigure or dismember someone, I think that charge covers the conduct of dousing someone with bleach. Both are superior court only jurisdiction offenses so regardless of what the transit police apply for in the district court complaint, the DA will cure any mischarging problems with the superceding indictment.

But either way we can all agree these are nightmare level facts/allegations.

TV news reported the bleach

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TV news reported the bleach throwing was one of the last things done, after they had already rifled through his pockets and taken his money.

Which means it was just for

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Which means it was just for shits and giggles. Ugh. I gotta get out of this city.

My heart goes out to the

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My heart goes out to the victim and I pray justice is served. I have too much peace in my heart to induldge in their heinous acts .


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2 am MBTA bus!

My first reaction was to doubt that any MBTA bus runs at that hour. Then I looked at the schedule. The inbound #28 is the closest thing the T has to a 24-hour bus route, with only a 2-hour gap between the last (1:17 am) and first (3:20 am) departures from Mattapan. (It would still be substantially late at 2 am, going either direction.)


My first thought was it was

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My first thought was it was one of the semi-secret routes intended to bring downtown subway station clerks to work (though the public is allowed to ride. The 28 has one of those trips. But it also has two trips *before* that, more than an hour earlier. Even on Sundays.

The 15 does as well.

I suspect these trips exist so people can connect to the 171 to the airport. But why is it just residents along these two routes who get early service? Why do riders of, say, the 1, 11, or 111 have to wait *3 hours* longer for service to start on a Sunday?

Last trip of the day

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Check the paper/PDF schedule. It waits for the connecting trolley/train to arrive before departing. That can be a significant delay.

I've seen 57 and 66 buses go by as late as 2 a.m., for presumably the same reason.



If the last bus waits for the last subway, that bus often departs much later than the schedule indicates. The T makes the drivers of the last train get out of the train to lock up the station at many of the stops. So, depending on the weight, attitude, and fitness level of the employee, that can happen fairly quickly, or painfully slowly.

The last bus to my house will get me there somewhere between 1:45 and 2:15.


I ride the 1:17am trip

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I ride the 1:17am trip semi-regularly. (And yes, I still have my vision!) It almost always leaves Mattapan at 1:40am and gets to Ruggles at about 2:00am. It is usually a rather uneventful trip and there are rarely more than 3-4 passengers on the trip, save for Friday and Saturday nights.

As noted in some of the comments below, the final buses all hold for the final trains no matter how late they end up running. The very early Route 28 trips connect at Dudley with the 171, while the early 15 trips turn into 171s at Dudley. These trips were started c. 1999 as part of a JARC grant, I believe. The "later" early morning trips - Routes 191, 192, 193, 194, 117-0 nee 197 - are vestiges from when the MTA abolished systemwide night bus service in 1960.

Honestly, my social life is indebted to these routes!


Why do these 2-3 hours of

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Why do these 2-3 hours of extended early service get so much less publicity than the Night Owl did? And none of the dishonest cost accounting and supervisor and police featherbedding that made the Night Owl "unprofitable"?

Given how reliably late the

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Given how reliably late the final trips run, I usually suggest them to friends traveling/partying after midnight. For folks unfamiliar with final trip operations (and those who buy into the belief that the MBTA evaporates every night at 12:30) it can be pretty hard to convince them to wait at a bus stop at 1:30am. Essentially, it often boils down to "just trust me."

As for the early morning trips they are somewhat the stuff of legend. The official route numbers are not displayed on the destination sign nor do they have their own schedule card. Rather, perhaps to reduce confusion, the buses are signed "39 HAYMARKET" "15 MATTAPAN" vs. 192 or 191. You may find the trips by following the footnotes in the schedules of the daytime routes they parallel. Lately, I've noticed more 20-somethings riding the trips; imagine my surprise at not being the only person aboard returning from a party!

Perhaps the smartphone set have finally stumbled upon them at long last. Hopefully, the T might do some rebranding and really make them better known to the riding public at large.



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The charge should be assault with a deadly weapon. IT'S BLEACH!!!!!!!!!!
Bunch of animals.


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Where does this bus go? Does the T-Police have a midnight shift? What do they do when the system is closed?

Read above

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This was almost certainly the last 28, which waits for the last Mattapan trolley (inbound) which is quite a wait.

The T police are on duty all

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The T police are on duty all night. As are the bus dispatchers and garage supervisors.

subject one and three don't look at all alike?

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and who carries bleach around at 2 am; maybe girlfriend was drinking gin and juice in her plastic bottle there and it was mistaken?

great reporting, sounds like a bunch of bs from the get go, good luck getting a judge to lock anybody up based on those accounts...

Cruel and unusual but tempting

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While I usually believe that an eye for an eye will certainly leave many blind in this instance that punishment would almost fit the crime.

If these girl's are caught, convicted and sentenced to a time-out in prison will that help them change from being psychologically rabid creatures to human beings that are willing to share the world with others?

For the sake of T drivers they need protective barriers. The idea is not pleasant. It will create a greater sense of separation between them and riders. But bus drivers are vulnerable to some of the most vile and disgusting creatures on 2 legs to be found. For T riders to have a hope of a decent transportation system the people at the front lines need better protection.