Man shot repeatedly in Dorchester

Stanley Staco reports the man was taken away in bad shape from Dorchester Avenue and Kimball Street around 11:50 p.m. The homicide unit was summoned, just in case.



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Witness to crime on Dot Ave

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I was a witness to this last night! I was driving along Dorchester Ave when me and my friends saw this man and what appeared to be him mugging this girl for her purse! I pulled my car up to the curve and flashed my high beams and honked my horn in an attempt to distract him but then we notice he broke away from the woman's bag with something in a black plastic bag, he walked in a rage past my car and fired three shots across the street at someone! We sped off!

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See something, say something.

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You should absolutely contact the police. It's your responsibility as a positively contributing member of our community. If we respond to the negativity and violence accordingly it would significantly cut down on its frequency. Do your part. Do the right thing.

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