Hyde Park high schools went into 'safe mode' when somebody walked in with a gun

New Mission High School and the Boston Community Leadership Academy, both housed in the former Hyde Park High School, went into safe mode this morning when the brother of a student tried sneaking a gun into school and got into a struggle with school police, according to BPS and BPD.

In safe mode, nobody is allowed into or out of the building, but it is not as severe as a lock down.

Police report the man was one of numerous family members of students invited to the school for a special event today. They add::

An alert school employee noticed the weapon and notified school police, who after a struggle were able to confiscate the weapon. As is protocol, both schools went into safe mode and parents were notified. No students were injured. Two School Police Officers are being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The brother was arrested.

BPS provided the transcript of a robocall made to parents:

We are calling to let you know that we put the school into safe mode around 10:30 this morning, and have just lifted safe mode and are back to normal. While we are still investigating, It appears an individual with a sibling in the school entered the building and had a weapon, which has been safely turned over to the police. Our school day is continuing on a normal schedule. Police are still investigating this matter and we will share more information with you as it becomes available. Again, we were in safe mode earlier today but safe mode has just been lifted and teaching and learning is continuing as normal.



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So if unarmed school employees deal with armed intruders/students frequently and no one is getting shot then obviously whatever they are doing is working just fine without additional guns.

Would you have preferred if there was a shootout in the hallway, with the high possibility that someone (probably a bystander) would get shot and/or killed?

Sorry, but I don't believe

Sorry, but I don't believe for a second you're capable of predicting the future. They have dealt with these armed thugs and no one has been shot YET. It's sad that it'll take a dead officer for this liberal city to wake up. Why is it so wrong to even the odds?