Dunkin' desperado denied dough

Dunkin' robber

Boston Police report a man burst into the back of the Dunkin' Donuts kiosk at 4620 Washington St. with a small knife around 1 p.m. on Saturday. All the employees of the small stand promptly fled - as did he, after taking nothing, not even a coffee to go. He ran into the nearby Stonybrook development.



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Stony Brook development, eh?

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Looks like we're paying for this fine young upstanding lad's housing, food and healthcare. Money well spent.

Luckily like all the

Luckily like all the White/Irish who came out the projects in the 40s, 50s, 60s he will have a good union job waiting for him...oh wait.


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Why 'Irish'? No Italians? Polish? German? English? Puerto Rican? Lebanese? Armenian? French Canadian? Scottish? How about a mix of the above? Or how about American? Only 'Irish'? The Boston area is and always was a very ethnically diverse place.

Apparently some people think 'Irish' are the ultimate representation of 'white' people, and this makes them oppressors of 'minorities'. They always feel very comfortable using 'Irish' when referencing 'privileged' whites. I grew up 'poor' of part 'Irish' descent in the big city and I can assure you I didn't receive ANY special privileges or considerations. My family weren't 'connected'. I couldn't even get a summer job with the city. Those all went to the 'connected' kids, who came from all kinds of ethnic and racial background. I wouldn't have been able to get into a union, public or private, in construction, police, whatever, if my life depended on it. They were closed shops, still are mostly. If you are 'white' and not 'connected', you're screwed. At least some minorities can benefit from affirmative action and 'benchmark' programs. The federal government even gives potential employees who hire 'minorities' kickbacks, i.e. tax credits. Doesn't apply for 'poor' and unconnected whites.

And who is to blame for our industrial decline and post industrial society? Who is to blame for encouraging people to migrate and immigrate to the U.S. [by the tens of millions], especially the formally industrial northeast and Midwest, knowing there would be no jobs for such people, and that many would be stuck on the public dole, living in projects or subsidized housing, at taxpayer expense? Who is responsible for public policies and rules that discouraged intact families and financially encouraged broken families? Which political party most benefited from the above at the voting booth?

And I'm far from being a neocon or Republican.


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do CORI Checks, as do many other employers. So its this kids own fault for choosing crime over hard work. But i understand your white guilt must be flaring up today with the conclusion of the Trayvon/Zimmerman case.


You Should go back to complaining about the OneFund not helping thug murder victims..