Police: Pregnant teen stabbed in the arm when she refuses robber's demand to give up her valuables

Boston Police report the Dorchester teen was walking to her boyfriend's house - and talking to him on the phone - shortly after 2 a.m. when some guy began following her:

The victim said she was followed by an unknown male suspect from Dorchester Avenue to Dracut Street then approached her while holding a knife in her direction and stated, "Yo run your pockets." The victim refused to give up her property then the suspect stabbed her.

Police say officers saw "two small puncture wounds" in her upper left arm. The teen, six months pregnant, was taken to Boston Medical Center for treatment. The Globe reports she was 17.

Police say the suspect is black, about 5'2" with a "young face," who was wearing a green hoodie with the hood over his head.



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yo run your pockets

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good thing I read this to keep up with the latest thug speak. If someone had walked up to me with a knife and said 'yo run your pockets' I would be confused as hell. Maybe the victim was, and that's why the loser didn't get anything.

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confusing indeed...

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...if someone brandishing a knife tells me to "run" #anything, the instinct part of my brain will hear "your ass out of here"... of which "your pockets" is not, perhaps, an unreasonable interpretation.

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If you don't know what 'run your pockets' means

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you have zero business living in an 'urban' environment where you run the risk of getting jumped by a baby faced teenager with a knife and/or gun.

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Ok thank you

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Ok thanks for the heads up. I am defiantly going to move out now.

...you realize that at some point you didn't know what that meant either, right? It's not like you were born knowing what "run your pockets" means. Also I have been robbed at knifepoint and they never said "run your pockets". It not like a prerequisite to take a vocab quiz to being a robber.

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I grew up in Lowell, lived

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I grew up in Lowell, lived across the street from the projects for years and never heard that term...guess I need to get a paper route so I can afford MTV Jams and live the REAL thug life...

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