Man stabbed on Blue Hill Avenue, taken away in critical condition

Stanley Staco reports a man was stabbed twice around 1:20 a.m. on Blue Hill Avenue near Walk Hill Street.



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The spittle on your monitor's not very attractive

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We'll wait while you clean it off.

You didn't come here to actually fret about violence in the inner city, you probably don't give a rat's ass about what happens there and if you ever actually have been anywhere near there, you probably still tell all your friends about that time you managed to survive getting lost on Dorchester Avenue, but that one guy gave you the eye, so you gunned it outta there and man, was that close. And then you clink your Bud bottles and complain some more about those people.

No, you just want to make sure you get to fill in "Yeah, where's the rally for THAT" space for your TCOT Zimmerman Bingo card. Hope you win!

People who actually do care about what happens in Dorchester and Roxbury and Mattapan do hold vigils and protest marches and do other things to try to curb violence, which you would possibly know about if you actually cared, but you don't.

Assume much?

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Why does everyone who disagrees with your opinion automatically turn into a hateful redneck? And more importantly, why does every white Cambridge hipster care so much about a black guy who tried to beat up a Hispanic guy and got shot in the process, yet all other incidents normally don't get anything other than a few smug remarks, if even that? Why don't we hear anything from AlSsie SharpSon & Co every time a 12 year old kid gets gunned down in Chicago, yet they were all over this case like flies over road apples? Or the duke lacrosse case, for that matter? Also, why haven't they said anything about all the whites who ended up being in the wrong place at the wrong time and had their heads bashed in in the name of justice for trayvon?

PS: Just FYI, I drive down dot ave on a daily basis, and I wouldn't drink bud even if you paid me.


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Also, why haven't they said

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Also, why haven't they said anything about all the whites who ended up being in the wrong place at the wrong time and had their heads bashed in in the name of justice for trayvon?

Because there aren't any? Outside of the paranoid imagination of the White Male Liberation Front, anyway ...

By on - white idiot started a fight and got beaten to pulp - he had it coming, would have been the same action if he was beaten to death. Black idiot started a fight and got shot - omg racism kill whitey!!11!oneone1! Plenty of similar cases out there, just google trayvon retaliation beating. Or Channon Christian and Chris Newsom - why was it not on national news?

Oh my

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One hate crime - that's it? Seriously? And there seems to be a fair amount of heresay here, too.

Pro tip: that chick with the B carved in her face? Did it herself ...

Versus, how many the other way at on a given night down south?

And where are the other multitudes of poor downtrodden beaten down whites? You are probably crying your eyes out that there weren't even any riots to satisfy your sick worldview!

You are a sorry little person. Seriously.

"... my straight-white-male

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"... my straight-white-male sunburn can’t be allowed to compete on equal terms with your heart attack. To me, it may seem fair to flip a coin for the first available ambulance, but it really isn’t. Don’t try to tell me my burn doesn’t hurt, but don’t consent to the coin-flip."

There you go again

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First, I agree with you on Sharpton. I'm old enough to remember the Tawana Brawley case and I don't recall him ever apologizing for that travesty.

So, 1 charlatan down.

You say nobody says anything whenever a 12-year-old gets gunned down in Chicago. You say that because you can't be bothered to actually spend the least amount of time looking anything up, or you'd probably have seen this Jesse Jackson speech five days ago on Chicago violence. You don't really care that people are working to do something about gun violence in Chicago. Because you just want to make your stupid point about how if people don't rail against every. single. last. evil. everywhere every single moment of their lives all the time they obviously don't care, because that's just how blacks are. Congratulations, you made your point. Twice even.

Been stabbed stay in your car

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I'm a white man that was stabbed in the stomach on Seaver st and Humboldt ave wasn't over race was over me handling 3 guys and scared them driving down Dot Ave isn't anything try walking down Blue Hill ave at 2am 3am 4am being white then make a comment stay in your car

Are you organizing one?

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Because you might want to coordinate with one of the many groups who generally do.