Woman pistol-whipped with toy gun, robbed on Dot Ave.

UPDATE: Two suspects arrested around 11:25 p.m.

Shortly before 11 p.m. in front of the Rent-a-Center at Dorchester Avenue and Roach Street. The woman was hit in the head with the gun, part of which broke off, the thieves got off with her purse and cell phone. The suspects are described as two black males in black jackets.



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    I've never been there but...

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    I can't think of a more lovely sounding intersection to visit, Dorchester and Roach.

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    To compensate...

    It's one block from Deer St and one block from Auckland (lovely city) Ave.

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    not really

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    Not that lovely their are nicer areas than roach st and dot ave

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    Dot is Lovely!

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    and all of those streets have wonderful people who live and love this place we call home. Stop hating. It doesn't help.

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    That is very true Annissa!

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    That is very true Annissa! The people that are doing all the crime around here are not residents of Savin Hill..

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    Rent a Center

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    Police arrested to two juveniles

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