Two women attacked near Ashmont T stop; one escapes by biting attacker's thumb

Boston Police report they are investigating two separate incidents of indecent assault and battery near the Ashmont T station on Friday and today.

According to police, a woman was walking from Ashmont station around 12:20 a.m. on Friday when a black man, possibly Jamaican, began chatting her up:

The victim began to feel uncomfortable when the male grabbed her from behind placing his hand around her head and attempted to retrieve her cell phone. The victim was then pushed and sustained a scratch to her forehead and next to her right eye. The victim stated when the suspect placed his hand around her head she bit his thumb. The victim also stated the male groped her buttocks and then fled down Burt Street towards Washington Street.

The attacker is described as possibly Jamaican due to his accent, about 5'5" and in his mid-20s. He was dressed in all black and wore a do-rag.

Around 7:00 a.m. today, a woman jogging north on Dorchester Avenue near the T stop noticed a man walking toward her:

The victim further stated that as she passed the suspect, he nudged her with his elbow, and subsequently grabbed and squeezed her buttocks. The victim reported she continued to run north on Dorchester Avenue, and the suspect changed direction and began casually walking north toward Ashmont Station.

This attacker was described as a light-skinned black or Hispanic male in his 20s or 30s, thick build, 5'9" or 5'10" with black or brown curly hair. He wore an oversided white T-shirt and black pants and had white ear buds in during the attack.



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Why does MA still make it

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Why does MA still make it difficult for women to legally obtain and carry pepper spray? Can't the law be changed so that any woman which completes a self defense course can automatically receive a permit if they pass a background check?

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It's not too tough to get

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You just need an FID to carry it; you don't need a concealed carry license or any of the tougher-to-acquire weapon permits. An FID is basically a rubber-stamp approval process, unless you're a convicted felon.

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You don't need any permits for a good solid u-lock.

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I work on a committee that is

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I work on a committee that is looking to change that provision of FID and make an exemption for mace and pepper spray. I can tell you that's definitely a problem that's been discussed a lot.

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