Man shot in stomach, leg in Hyde Park

Around 12:10 a.m. at 20 Bow St.



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The correlation between crime and concentrated poverty is all in our heads!

Depends, Poverty doesn't

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Poverty doesn't necessarily cause crime. But crime can lead to poverty if it destroys opportunities for economic productivity.

The perpetuation of the myth that poor uneducated people will resort to barbarism is a mechanism for statists to oppress or otherwise control the poor through various schemes. Be it by force, welfare, or propaganda.

I needed a good laugh

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"crime can lead to poverty if it destroys opportunities for economic productivity"

So its the crimes fault not the individual committing it who is hampering opportunity. I bet Edwin Alemany would have been a Brain Surgeon if all those crime didn't ruin his opportunity.

So what is your Final Solution

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Kill and gas poor people? Slums like Rio and South African shanty towns.

I'm trying to figure out what your fecking point is in all the bileously hateful stupidity you are spewing here.


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No one has said anything remotely "bileously hateful" in this thread. You must be very sensitive to divergent opinions.


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Competing against a field of barely-coherent screeds written in angry text-speak by high school dropouts defending their recently-deceased gangbanger friends, you have earned the honor of 'stupidest thing ever written on Universal Hub.'

Crime gets out of hand in a

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Crime gets out of hand in a neighborhood = all the stores close = can't find a job in the neighborhood anymore.

How hard is that to understand?

I didn't say it caused crime

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I said it correlates, which you well know, but don't let that stop you from pontificating as if I did.

By the way, there is nothing more statist than warehousing the poor in government funded high rise ghettos paid for by tax payer.


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Please provide an example of an urban environment (no, Casas Viejas does NOT COUNT) where there was not any "statism" and yet things did not devolve to either tribal-level violence or rampant crime.

Read a history book

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maybe then you would understand why housing development where first created.

Boston is lucky its "bad"

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Boston is lucky its "bad" areas dont get too bad of course some shootings are going to happen overall Boston has had a safe year and is looking like it may have some of its lowest murder totals in years so far.

heres some other cities to compare against Bostons 26 or so

Wilkes-Barre PA is at 7. Population: 41,491. Rate of 16.87.

Gary IN is at 30. Population: 80,314. Rate of 37.35.

Fort Wayne IN is at 26. Population: 254,015. Rate of 10.24.

Anchorage AK is at 12. Population: 293,356. rate of 4.09.

Springfield MA is at 12. Population: 153,134. rate of 7.84.

Jersey City NJ Is at 12. Population: 247,876. rate of 4.84.

Huntsville AL is at 17. Population: 180,829. Rate of 9.40.

Montgomery AL is at 31. Population: 206,083. Rate of 15.04

Oklahoma City OK is at 44. Population: 582,352. Rate of 7.56.

Berkeley CA is at 2. Population: 112,765. Rate of 1.77.

Baltimore MD is at 129. Population: 620,560. Rate of 20.79.

Newark NJ is at 39. Population: 277,185. Rate of: 14.1.

Oakland CA is at 54. Population: 391,445. Rate of 13.80.

Columbus OH is at 45. Population: 788,696. Rate of 5.71.

Saginaw MI is at 19. Population: 51,455. Rate of 36.93.

Jacksonville FL is at 55 as of 7/16. Population: 822,883. Rate of 6.68.

Detroit MI is at 167 as of 7/15. Population: 711,700. Rate of 23.46.

Flint MI is at 36. Population: 102,271. Rate of 35.20.

Kansas City KS is at 18. Population: 146,070. Rate of 12.32.

Rockford IL is at 14. Population: 152,807. Rate of 9.16.

Palm Beach County FL is at 39. Population: 1,335,187. Rate of 2.92.

Good post

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But missing the Boston stat line so we can make an actual comparison.

Boston had 26 last time i

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Boston had 26 last time i checked. You have cities the size of Quincy across this country with 30+

For Boston to be considered bad or getting bad they would need to see 90-120+ but usually average between 31-75. The most murders Boston ever had was 152 in the early 90's. Cities like Baltimore have never even had that low of a murder count. Chicago see's 450-600 a year. i can go on and on. go to and you will be amazed at how low Boston's crime numbers are

areas small were its happening

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The areas its happening in Boston are small most of shootings happen in Dorchester Roxbury Mattapan I'm a stabbing victim have hung out late night in these areas you probably haven't I will bet on that so keep ya stats its the people don't welcome outsiders if you don't believe me walk down Humboldt ave day or night


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Looking at 2012 figures, Boston's murder rate is three times as high as NYC and nearly twice as high as LA, with a population that is on average way more yuppified than either one of those two cities. We need a mayor who has balls to take out the trash like Giuliani did, not our mumbling moron who thinks all criminals will magically turn into model citizens if you give them enough taxpayer money.

your wrong

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Boston is up in shootings and murders check ya stats again parts of Dorchester Roxbury and Mattapan been real bad there has been a shooting a day since April 15th

How bout

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You show us the correct stats then?

How the hell can

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you make a statement like;
"overall Boston has had a safe year"

Then cite murder rates from other geographic locations!

You cant calculate variances between alternative locations in an effort to justify your quoted statement. If you had proven that the overall homicide rate in Boston are down by summarizing past years statistics IN THE CITY OF BOSTON; then you would be correct. However gun related occurrences are in fact UP in Boston.

31 Homicides

right now. Also, it's make more sense to compare Boston with cities of it's size range i.e., El Pase, Denver, Seattle, Memphis, Baltimore. Boston has an above average crime rate. Boston also has one of the highest Aggravated Assault rates for cities of it's size. Although the city isn't at a level like Baltimore or D.C., it's on the higher crime rate side of the crime rate spectrum. It's no surprise that a city of ~618,000 people, with 31 homicides, would have a homicide rate lower than a city of 300,000 with 31 homicides. Last year, Boston's homicide rate was 9.4, and the country's average was 4.5. Most homicides in Boston are concentrated in Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan. With a combined population of about 185,289, the homicide rate for these three neighborhoods was 18.3 last year. Sorry for the block of text, I've always found comparing crime rates by cities interesting lol.

ok finally someone i can talk

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ok finally someone i can talk to that knows their shit with stats. but i dont think it matters to say that the murders that happen in Boston are in small certain neighborhoods because thats like that in every city. literally take a homicide map of any city and its the same story with Boston, its the same areas year after year so in reality take those cities "hoods" and compare them to Bostons they are still worse

im not trying to say that Boston doesnt have issues and any loss of life is bad but when i see people post like its the end of the world and a huge problem it actually isnt compared to what others are dealing with. i predict Boston will end the year with 52 if that Homicides.....that shit is pretty damn low guys and girls.

you dont even have to go back a decade to see that Boston was getting 31,39 homicides in a few years. there were cities literally half the size getting more. Boston used to be bad in the 90's but overall its generally one of the safest cities in the country.


...although the point I was trying to make at the end of my post, is out of the 58 homicides last year, 40 (~69%) of them happened in Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan. These three neighborhood combined, known to some as the "hood," have a very high crime rate, on par with some known "hoods" in other large cities. For instance, Harlem, NY, although experiencing a large amount of gentrification, has a very high crime rate, but is actually less than Rox-Dot-Pan. Harlem, Pop. 226,429 citizens, 26 homicides, Homicide rate of 11.9, Much less than Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, Pop. 185,289, homicide rate of 18.9. If these three neighborhoods were their own city, for it's size, would be one of the most dangerous cities in America. I'm not saying you're wrong or trying to attack you, just trying to put in perspective that Boston's 'hoods' have a very significant homicide problem, that I feel, as someone who has lives here, people try to downplay as "not that bad," or "very low." A homicide rate of 18.9 is extremely high, especially since the national average is 4.5 homicides per 100,000 people.

My family is from Philadelphia, and North Carolina, so I've been to many different areas, like North Philly and West Philly, and the feeling is all the same. Personally I find every 'hood' in America to be pretty much the same shit all around.

You can do this with any neighborhood too, like how I did with Harlem. Although having such a high homicide rate, New York City's crime rate is exceptionally low, but if we cut out certain areas of any major city, we can show that many places we would call "Not so bad," actually have pretty high crime issues.

Now the 90's were completely different lol. Every major city in America suffered from the crack-era.

i hate debating Boston

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i hate debating Boston murders with people that have no idea about stats and think just because the live in a neighborhood with triple deckers its bad. truth is you can walk down any street in Boston basically anytime and be ok. you know just as well as i do that this is a northeast city with educated people even the are not going to get into shit walking down the street in Boston as you would dealing with cities with real ignorant criminals. try that in New Orleans, Memphis,Miami or Baltimore to name a few. you will be food by real criminals

face it guys Boston is soft. so what if its had 150 shootings the common rule is that in every city there are about 3-4 times more fatal shootings than murders. Philly will have around 300+ murders a year with almost a thousand shot. cities like Philly have murders in broad daylight not a few times a year...a few times a week in some cases

Walk down Humboldt ave blue

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Walk down Humboldt ave blue hill ave Bowdoin st Dudley st etc and say there soft don't have it in yeah your a weak hater that sits in the house and is from no were that's why you talk the way you do coward

As someone

who has walked through North Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, Bed-Stuy, Brownsville, Harlem, South Bronx, dangerous parts of Memphis, Los Angeles, and many other big cities, this goes for those cities too. Honestly, nowadays in every big city in America, people wont bother you, in terms of getting shot or stabbed, unless you incite it, or are apart of "that life." I've walked past drug deals, gang folks hanging out, and wasn't bothered once. Philly's like a second home. My family is from there, and I've never had an issue. Boston also can have as many as 200-300 shootings a year. Weird part is, with all those shootings, not too many are fatal. I just figured Boston folk have bad aim lol. (Which I guess I'm grateful for)

you want to know why not many

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you want to know why not many are fatal? i will tell you why its because the average Boston "gangsta" just isnt so gangsta and not shooting to kill. i check the Boston police logs everyday and how many are people shot in non fatal places? im sure some are not by accident but im willing to bet these young black guys who just want to be hard for a few years before they grow out of it are only shooting to hurt because in reality they are too scared to actually kill but still want to be about the life

there is no reason that with 300 people getting shot some years with probably a good amount of misses to go along with it that such a small number are dying. sure we have good hospitals but cmon your getting shot here any torso or head wound is auto die in most cases and thats when they shoot and mean it


if you look at some of the articles AdamG puts on this site, you'll see a lot of times people are shot in life-threatening places, and live. Like the guy shot in the neck in Mattapan on July 21st, or the one we're commenting on right now. neck shots are very serious, and he was able to survive. People very often die from GSWs to the stomach, like the 14-year-old on Cummins Highway in 2010. Boston also has many top-tier hospitals, so luckily for these shooting victims, they have a better chance of survival, even with four GSWs to the chest. You could be right, but you could also be wrong. That's just how I look at it.

so your saying?

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Me and my people soft in Dorchester? Better check the reputation say that around here you will get checked believe that

Why in the hell are we

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Why in the hell are we debating whether Boston is "soft" or not and that crime isn't "really that bad compared to other cities"? Does it make you feel better that MORE people are dying elsewhere? WTF is wrong with you guys? Let's all just sit on our soft-ass murder rate high-horse and let the problem continue, because it's "not that bad." Right? Jesus.

And I would love to walk down Humboldt Ave - my own fucking street - but I'll be damned if I do it.

not talking bout you

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Its these out of towners that talk shit about sections they don't walk they hide out in their house or stick to nice places I was stabbed at corner of Weaver and Humboldt know the block real wellhe