Woman attacked outside MGH T stop; man jumps off bike to save her

Maria Elena Cruz watched the whole thing unfold shortly after 5 p.m.:

Just witnessed an assault on a woman at MGH Station. This amazing guy jumped out of his bike, in front of cars to save her. Huge dude choked and dragged woman to floor right outside the back-door exit of MGH. Guy riding bike on street jumps in front of cars to confront him. Woman ran away while hero was yelling at perpetrator. Police got there shortly after. Perpetrator handcuffed immediately.



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Nah, this Perp was alive and kicking

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Conley seems to specialize in guys like DeSalvo, who have been dead for the last fifty years. More headlines, less burden of proof.

War on Women

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This week started tragically but ended with a victory in the war against women when this unknown hero made the decision to come to the aid of this girl under attack. Thank you whoever you are.


Helping another person being attacked has to be gendered. SO, if any woman gets reproductive health care without government interference, people won't help people being attacked anymore.

Or some such. I suspect anon's comment was using Faux logic.

The victim ran away, he'll

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The victim ran away, he'll most likely be free to continue assaulting women. SHE'S all set.


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Do people who tweet about seeing things stay to give their names to the police? Like, ok, the victim disappears, but we still have the hero and the tweeter for court purposes. I hope that Maria Elena Cruz told the police she was also a witness to the assault.

Do other people witnessing crimes about which to tweet remain to make them selves known to police?

Attacks on females

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Female attacked for no reason at MGH stop
Females attacked on Beacon Hill
Females attacked in North End
Female attacked at Fields Corner
Females attacked in Ashmont neighborhood
Female kidnapped and murdered in South Boston
South Boston residents were outraged and a community meeting was held with over 1,000 residents.If these attacks keep up the next community meeting should be held at Fenway park because 40,000 outraged residents will demand answers from the mayor and police

officially an Emergency Exit (from T station, not the hospital)

If you go straight after passing through the turnstiles, instead of turning around, there are two doors in front of you. Officially they are 'Emergency Exits', but in practice lots of people use them to leave the station, as they are a shorter walk from MGH than the official exits. They face east, towards Bowdoin Square and Government Center.

The passenger flow in that

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The passenger flow in that part of the station is so terrible that there had to be a miscommunication or last-minute design change. Does anyone know the story of why there are those huge emergency exit doors in the place you'd expect the real exit?

Passenger flow

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It's quite possible that it was designed this way. For whatever reason, American architects are completely clueless about the movement of people through their "artistic sculptures" they foist on us. Especially when it comes to transit, where you'd think that passenger flow would be a primary concern, but not in this country.

Architects are concerned with showing off to their buddies, politicians want a monument built to themselves, contractors just want more and more money flushed to them. There's no reward given for "quick and easy access to platforms," so riders get screwed.

The cyclist

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is my friend Jarrod, is a bicycle courier who owns and operates One Shot Courier, one of the city's best delivery services.