Another gun battle for police, this one in Dorchester, ends with arrest of repeat gun offender

UPDATED, 3:45 p.m.

Boston Police report an officer shot at a suspect who refused to drop his gun when police arrived at a gun battle early this morning.

Police say officers arrived at Kingsdale and Wales streets around 12:45 a.m. to find "suspect/s actively shooting." Specifically, they found a guy shooting at a car on Kingsdale:

Officers chased the suspect who was still in possession of the firearm.

At the Intersection of Kingsdale and Wales Street officers encountered the same male suspect, ordered him to stop and drop his firearm. The male suspect repeatedly refused to comply with the officers directives. At least one officer discharged his weapon. There were no injuries in relation to this incident.

Michael Coke, 38, of Roxbury, was then charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling, police say.

He was ordered held in lieu of $200,000 bail at his arraignment in Dorchester District Court today, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. The DA's office adds:

Coke was additionally charged as an armed career criminal based on prior convictions for unlawful firearm possession in 1997 and 2008 and prior convictions for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in 2001 and 2008.

Coke survived getting shot in a separate incident on Greenwood Street this past spring.

Stanley Staco reports police were looking for a red, four-door Honda that raced away from the scene.

The incident comes six days after a gun battle in Roxbury that left one suspect dead and two officers injured.



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The one on Kingsdale and Wales can be confusing the officers were from District B-3(Mattapan) which covers that area and the suspect was from Roxbury. Some maps show Kingsdale in Mattapan

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so i just read Boston only

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so i just read Boston only has 27 murders so far this year. seriously how is that even possible for a city over 500k. i cannot take any G from Dorchester or Roxbury or Mattapan serious again. we live in to safe and progressive of a city to think they have bad neighborhoods.

i also read its had over 150 shootings. thats not a jaw dropping amount but it just goes to show there really arnt any real G's in Boston nowadays and they all shoot for pretend.

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There's more than 27 what you

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There's more than 27 what you read wasn't up dated I know some serious guys from the hood they just not in B Town they travel state to state

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If you compare Dorchester to

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If you compare Dorchester to other places its size and population it has a high shooting and murder rate Dorchesters population is under 200,000 people that's were 75% of shootings and murders happen

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thats horrible logic when

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thats horrible logic when comparing stats singling out Bostons "hood" of Dorchester because obviously crime happens in certain parts of cities. you can do the same for any other city where the shootings and murders happen and it would trump Boston's.

truth is its not hard to come to Boston and set up shop chances are you wont get shut down. i see randoms hustling heroin and coke downtown in chinatown without instance every weekend. the "worst" parts of the city barely even get action anymore. Blue Hill Ave barely has any murders anymore. We just went through July and Boston had a handful of homicides and its peak in summer

this is the weakest its been since like 2001ish. i dont even think Boston will break 40 this year. they had 27 on August 6th there hasnt been any action since then.

when i post like this its not to insult anyone or wish death im just sick of hearing people online and in real life act like Boston is bad at all when in reality its getting VERY weak in the shooting game compared to like everywhere

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Your down playing a problem

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Your down playing a problem in Boston's black community it is what it is I'm a stabbing victim so I don't agree with you it goes deeper than shootings

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Another dumb ass!

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Another dumb ass!

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So what are you saying Boston needs more G's or dumb ass ignorant gang banging delusional f*ck ups to rip apart families and take lives and rob innocent people and destroy communities. YOU are the worst type of person Person isn't quite the word for a Sociopathic murderous un-educated criminal idiotic sterio-type perpetuating Ass#ole. Why don't you increase the number by shooting yourself. Boston ONLY has x amount of shootings. Yeah we definitely need more shootings absolutley.. Perhaps YOUR family members or loved ones should be at the top of the list. After all your mother or (probably grandmother) raised you to think gangbanging is so cool and that violent crime is da bomb yo! No wonder people can't get beyond bigotry and hatred and they lable my neighborhood to be a bad place to live and dangerous. People like you exist!

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This could wind up being his

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This could wind up being his 5 conviction in just over 10 years.

He's looking at, what? 10 maybe 20 hours in jail this time? That'll show him!

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