Alleged naked pot dealer arrested, along with the man charged with beating him in a home invasion

Boston Police report officers responding to an armed home invasion call in a Roxbury apartment building around 8:20 last night quickly learned something was amiss when they spotted blood on the wall, an open door and, inside an apartment, three women and one naked man with a cut over his left eye.

The man professed he had just been robbed in the 10 Williams St. apartment and claimed it was somebody after his stock of marijuana, which he said he was licensed to dispense. He said he'd let his attacker, Morgan Francis Rampino, 27, into his apartment, after which Rampino allegedly smacked him upside the head with a gun, stole two jars of what the police referred to as "weed" and his iPhone, then fled.

Police say the battered man, Christopher Deak, 39, is not licensed to dispense marijuana under the state's new medical-marijuana law, so they charged him with distribution of marijuana and possession of marijuna with intent to distribute after doctors at Boston Medical Center finished cleaning up his minor injuries.

Police add they caught up with Rampino around 1 p.m. on Avon Street in Jamaica Plain, thanks to the court-ordered GPS device he was wearing. He was charged with home invasion, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling and unlawful possession of both a firearm and ammunition.

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why would someone rob a pot dealer if weed were legal? the same reason people rob banks and oh, 7-11's too. nice try u liberal goon

You sir, are an idiot

Really? You don't think that pot is everywhere all around you all the time already? Legalizing it is a matter of keeping people out of jail for a highly organized distribution and delivery system that is already in place. Seriously, I'd put money on the fact that you are no further than maybe 50 feet away from a bag of pot right now. Robbing drug dealers will continue as long as it remains illegal, because only idiots call the cops when someone robs their illegal business. Drug dealers are easy targets, always have been.

everyone who lives in this

everyone who lives in this neighborhood knows that there is a guy in that building who's GROWS a lot of marijuana and deals. he owns the gardner store right around the block. he sells all the grow setup in his garden shop. why arent police going after white guys like him YET my friends who hAPPEN to be more BROWN in skin color get arrested and thrown in jail. WTF???? wake up boston police-- you know whats going on there & you've known it for a while now. my neighbor told me the police took out a lot of pot and growing equipment. isn't it time to shut it down? then someone told me there were no charges being filed. i'm speechless. no words for this.