Police trying to discover who left a man for dead in Adams Village

Boston Police report they and State Police are investigating how a man came to be lying on the ground with a major injury to the back of his head early Sunday.

Police say the man was unconscious when found around 4:15 a.m. outside the China Sky/Windy City building at 516 Gallivan Blvd.

Although he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, he is now in stable condition, police say.

The Irish Times reports the man is an Irish immigrant living in Boston with his wife, adds:

The Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin is aware of the case but has not yet been approached for assistance.

In October, 2011, an undocumented Irish immigrant was murdered after attending the Irish festival in Adams Village.



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Adam:..as a native, i would

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Adam:..as a native, i would say that the headline is a bit over board . He was someone's son, brother...totally insensitive..

Headline changed

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You're right. I guess I was taken by the use of "Irishman" in the Irish Times headline, but context is everything - the word has a different tenor over there.


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I had the same thoughts about your headline when I read it earlier. Says a lot about the site management that you saw (and then changed) it as well.

I don't see what the

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I don't see what the immigration status of the guy murdered in 2011 has to do with anything.

Oh I don't know...

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...maybe because the public at large feels the need to comment on it any time something happens to a brown person or Spanish speaker? It's unfortunate that this person came to public attention through being killed, but I appreciate any narrative that points out how many undocumented people are white, educated, from Europe, etc., since the mainstream media and public discourse would have us thinking that undocumented people are brown poor uneducated criminals .

Not true.

The ones that the GOP propaganda mill talk about are Latin American. But there are huge numbers of illegal Europeans, Canadians, and Asians (both South Asians and East Asians) as well.

Undocumented in this instance means that they likely overstayed their tourist visa while working for cash, which is a grand Irish expat tradition hereabouts. Those are the guys who fixed my roof, years ago.

Huge numbers of illegal Canadians?

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No. Wrong. Check the numbers. There are a good number of Europeans, most of the Eastern Europeans. But they are in the minority, by a SIGNIFICANT margin.

most are latin american, propaganda notwithstanding

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According to table 3 on the following DHS report, as of 2010, about 6.6 million of 10.8M total undocumented immigrants were from Mexico. Add in the rest of Latin America and it's over 80%.


Unless those estimates are wrong, most undocumented immigrants in the US are from Latin America. That's just a fact. I don't know what the estimated breakdown is in MA.

None of this has anything to do with the poor guy who was murdered. This isn't the place for me to argue that immigration should be completely open. But numbers are numbers.

.. undocumented, meaning they

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.. undocumented, meaning they are in the country illegally. Why the euphemism. I'd guess you want to bend the language to your political view. Undocumented is a great example of an Orwellian euphemism in which the substituted word is meant to hide something.


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Almost no other countries allow such blatant violations of their immigration laws. Including the countries almost all of these people come from.

What blatant violations?

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What blatant violations? Obviously, when we needed them and the cheap labor they brought we looked the other way and pretended nothing was going on. Then the economy went south and suddenly we "notice" that all these so-called violations were occurring and we want what was once cheap labor to disappear. It's not that easy. Undocumented immigrants are a result of capitalism run amok. Isn't regulation the very thing real capitalism abhors?

Not sure what you mean

Since everyone I know who truly believes in capitalism believes in a free flow of workers. No need to bring faux-capitalists into this.

Many undocumented immigrants in MA

Are from Brazil and Ireland, and most of them are not poor and most of them are not criminals, most of them work harder than your average American citizen.

Actually, Massacusetts was the only state in the country where Brazillians were the # 1 immigrants group.

You are a miserable person

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with a chip on your shoulder, judged by your many posts. An obsession with 'race', ethnicity, and skin color.

I am a translucent person [non-person-of-color] and would feel bad if a guy from El Salvador was jumped and murdered, whether he was here legally of not.

And BTW eeka, many 'Latinos' are also translucent [non-person-of-color] people.

If this almost dead Irish guy is here illegally, I suppose he should be treated like other illegals in our country, which is be treated with extreme leniency. The U.S. isn't like, say, Mexico, which treats their 'undocumented' people VERY, VERY harshly, as do other Latin American countries.

eeka, that is the stupidest

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eeka, that is the stupidest comment of all time. It has nothing to do with my question. So you're telling me that someone's murder is the choicest moment to make a point about undocumented people being sometimes not people of color? I don't get it. Do you really think that was anyone's intention here? I will tell you what the point of YOUR comment was. To show off your extra special pristine level of enlightenment and your untouchable progresseive credentials. People like you are just a drag to be around and contribute nothing to the discussion. You're just a boring self aggrandizing wanker who wants to prove how much better you are than all the other boring self aggrandizing wankers.

Adams Corner assault: Just getting around to this now?

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Adams Corner assault: Universal Hub is just getting around to this now, after crime scene tape, photographers, full notifications on Sunday? Really? Thanks to the Irish Times for the timely reporting. At least someone has integrity. Pass the honorary degrees.

Irish Pastoral Centre

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Looks like he did some work for the Irish Pastoral Centre as well.