Allston brawl sends three to the hospital, one in pretty bad shape

Around 10:45 p.m. at Brighton Avenue and Cambridge Street. Fortunately for the injured, there's a firehouse right there. Boston EMS Incidents reports one of the injured appeared "unresponsive" when EMTs arrived; he was rushed to Beth Israel Hospital, rather than taken to the nearby St. Elizabeth.

A nearby resident reports she saw it all:

It felt so high school. A bunch of 30-somethings yelling at each other. Then punches pretty quickly. One white dude was who the van of guys were trying to get at.



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    They're just making just an observation

    The hipster and bro subcultures are more intermixed than you might realize-- gone are the days when a standard bro would not also own a fedora or a hipster wouldn't take in a sporting event just on principle.

    Just another sign of Peak Hipster, I say-- their numbers will collapse and individuals will be subsumed into bro, breeder, suburbanite, middle-class schlub, and other groups.


    As a 30-something who loves going to Deep Ellum with my other 30-something friends, I don't know what you're talking about.

    To be honest, I've also never stepped foot in the Silhouette.


    The fact that I have family roots in Allston going back centuries, am there all of the time, means nada. I clearly know nothing about the place compared to the transients. OK.

    Listen, older types may on occasion go to Deep Ellum, or the Model, or wherever, but their preference is the Silhouette. And FYI, it's been that way for well over 30 years.

    30 years?

    My first visits to the Model were in the early 1980's. It was very local, fun, George Anthony owned it and his family worked there. When George died his sons went after a younger crowd. I think the big change has been since 2000.

    why is race mentioned? why is this attack being marginalized?

    One white dude was who the van of guys were trying to get at.

    aaaaaand why was the race of this one guy mentioned? What racial group were the attackers? Who ended up being the guy in really bad shape?

    I'm also kind of confused why a violent group attack serious enough to put the victim unconscious and require transporting them to a major trauma unit is being marginalized.

    Are you OK? I too question

    Are you OK?

    I too question what exactly occurred, who was really involved. Why was the white guy [victim] race mentioned? It is fair to conclude his attackers were then non-white, yes? So, what actually happened last night that ended up with this white guy being very seriously hurt?

    A LOT is being left out.

    I witnessed it and have it on video

    It was a group of black kids and a group of mexican kids. The most-injured person was beat with a tire iron. I called the cops to the scene. After the unresponsive person was picked up and taken to the firehouse, there was a huge bag of weed left on the ground. One of the mexican kids came back , picked it up and ran away. It seemed like gang-violence to me, and over drugs. They were not the typical allston crowd. It was frightening to watch, and I had to scrub blood off our store front for 30 minutes afterwards.


    You heard their accents? And were they speaking in English or Spanish? Just curious. Mexicans have very distinctive accents, different from central Americans like Salvadorans, etc., They often even look different.

    The Mexican cartels and gangs have been trying to muscle in on the street level retail trade in weed and other drugs for some time. It's one of the big reasons for a lot of the gang violence in places like Chicago. It often pits them against black gangs and dealers. It's one of the big reasons behind the hate between Mexicans and blacks out west.

    I doubt it.

    Less than ten percent of Boston's Hispanic population is Mexican. I can't imagine that there is a large enough presence for gang formation in particular neighborhoods.